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 is there any{body} out there?, pond's wants
ϟspoopy ghost
 Posted: Oct 4 2015, 02:51 PM
Spooky scary skeletons!
pond IS Offline


40s/50s | mother | open
After one of her brothers got her across the Portal, Moriko isn’t too sure what happened to her family. She hopes they are all alive- but she isn’t too sure about her mother after everything that happened there with the bullet killing her slowly, as her memories are a bit fuzzy and she did pass out for a short while. Plus wolf Gods would be super awesome to have here! Please let me have a million family feelings it would be adorableee.

wolf twins
20s | rough | open
Of course, Moriko also misses her brothers because they were the best and, in my app, they basically did a lot of the raising of San. Moriko would love to help them adjust and find their own ways in this world as well! Plus her brothers could protect her from ‘icky boys’ and she could teach them how to act as humans, just as they taught her how to be a wolf. She would also probably cry if she found them again, they were her best friends basically.

Face claims include Aaron Yoo, Harry Shum Jr, Kenichi Matsuyama., or one of those really attractive k-drama boys(Kim Bum, In-seong Jo, Hyun-joong Kim, Seung-gi Lee, etc.).
40s/50s | evil | open
Lady Eboshi would be wonderful to have around. Of course Moriko would hate her, that’s a given, and it would be amazing to play them in a world where they couldn’t just use swords to fight. She could also have a job destroying what Moriko loves in this new world. It would be fun! Obviously she would have a role in some big company trying to destroy nature, or oil mining, or something ridiculous. These two could feud a lot over literally everything and never truly see eye to eye on anything.

As long as her face is Asian, really anyone will do, and her age should probably be in her 30s or 40s- I could definitely see her aging down. The way I wrote it, Moriko never saw her arm get bitten, so technically you could have her not have lost it… Could be fun!


the prince
20s | princely | open
So Janine doesn’t have her memories and is somewhat schizophrenic. However, she is starting to question the Complex and why her roommates are always so busy… Basically, she’s in motion to have her memories return and for things to get crazy and having a prince would basically be perfect. If she could find the mand she was destined to be with it’d just be absolutely adorable and fun!

Once her memories return, the queen will be back to tracking her down, and it’ll be crazy. She lives with roommates- maybe a few dwarfs or even the prince- in the Complex so yes. She will be in love with him probably pretty quickly, or they can just be best friends. Anything works with me, really!

Playby suggestions- Eddie Redmayne or Anton Yelchin? Someone that can look prince-ly and is young. Just a few years older than her, I suggest! And taller.
evil queen
50s | vain | open
Snow needs her mother dearest! Especially because, well, you know, she tried to kill her, and probably isn’t done just yet. She doesn’t know if Snow is alive, but she could certainly find out if she brings her mirror across with her! PB should be a woman in her 50s? Beautiful, of course.

Janine is currently in the process of getting her memories back- she’s about to cross the Portal with one of her friends, and then bam! She’ll know who she is again, and that’s a pretty big deal. So I imagine her mother mayyy start to look for her again! There are lots of insane plots and ideas here for sure.
the dwarfs
various | fun | open
The dwarfs! Janine would be so excited to have them back, once she remembers them. She already possibly lives with one or two, but I want them to all be together and live together and it would be hilariously sitcom-y. They were basically her family for a little while there, and she loves them so.

pbs - pbs are open. we suggest peter dinklage for grumpy because he is perfect, and so is alex tudyk for dopey. but the rest you are free to choose openly!


20s | naive | open
Olaf was created years and years ago by a pair of sisters, and he needs them both in his life. While he’s currently meeting Elsa, he wants to find Anna again! The last time he saw her she wasn’t doing too swell, and that worries him. What if she didn’t make it across the Portal or something? That wouldn’t be good at all!! So he needssss her back in his life so they can take care of each other again <3. Faces and everything are completely open!!
20s | strange | open
So Olaf still isn’t 100% on what Kristoff’s name is, so he’d like to meet him again. Sven, Not-Sven, Kristoff…. There are just too many names for him to pick from and the poor snowman really isn’t feeling it. But this guy helped save Anna as best he could, and that’s the most important part! He always loves anyone more if they care about Anna. And he needs to tell Kristoff about what happened with Hans and how terrible he was, because that’s quite a story as well! I’d like to see how these two could play off of one another, with Kristoff probably getting annoyed more often than not.

Faces are open, but I do like Scott Michael Foster.
20s | stubborn | open
Pleaseee Sven. Olaf loved Sven even if he did try to eat his nose a bunch, and they could basically be the best of friends around and we super adorable and this ad is lame but c’mon they could be roommates maybe and just be sooo awesome together!
I don’t have any specific faces, but I would really love to play these two out! Imagine Olaf feeding him carrots all of the time! And feeling slightly terrified of him actually eating his nose across the Portal.


lost boys
20s | sneaky | open
Ohh the Lost Boys. So Slightly was the first Lost Boy in Neverland, and is second in command to Peter Pan, who he considers to be his best friend. Whenever Peter left to go back to London to find more boys and whatever else he happened to do, James was placed in charge of the other boys! He helped them settle in they were knew and did all he could to be a big brother! He misses the boys a lot- he misses the pranks, the exploring, and seriously just everything. He wants to find them so they can do on adventures again and explore New York and make it their own!

as long as the faces and ages are young, everything else can be up to you!
40s | clumsy| open
So these two may have never gotten along, but I'm dying to see a Smee on site! He's so hilarious and awkward and always doing great things. That could translate really well into this world!!
tiger lily
20s | flirty | naya rivera
Tiger Lily was someone James never really got to know, but she and the other Indians were always super interesting! So yes, she would be great <3. Naya Rivera is a face I’ve seen used for her before, and she’s great, but all faces are welcome!


50s | focused | open
She wouldn’t be the first to admit it, but May really does miss her father. He was just so crazy and all over the place… She regrets how she treated him, and she regrets running away as well. She loves him, and she cares about him no matter how insane he was. After all, he was correct in the end, and there was an army of little people living in the woods!

If she were to find him she’d just be so happy! She misses her dad and she wants to tell him he was right and that she was a small person!

My only idea for a pb is Simon Pegg, but possibly a bit older and seriously looking? Just keep him a redhead!
30s? | funny | open
mk was just starting to friend the duo before crossing over! they were funny, and the flirting was hilarious. we need some friendly fighting for mk up in here!

we would all love it so much if mub was asiz ansari and grub was ben shwartz because they are made for each other.
various | fighters | open
This request isn’t specific to Ronin, but to all Leafpeople, Tara included. May never really got a chance to interact with many of them (especially with the Queen dying on her…) but she would still love to meet them and not be so alone! They’re all the same size across the Portal, which always comforts her. She doesn’t really enjoy running into anyone bigger or anything like that.

Pbs and everything is completely open, go have fun with it!


20s | determined | open
Liv has recently received confirmation that her son is still alive- and that he rides dragons. Now how completely insane is that? After she left to protect him from being like her, it still happened. It’s something she struggles to truly believe. Taking care of a handful of dragons at the Complex, Liv is still fulfilling her motherly duties to a point, but she’d love to have her real son back in her life. She wants to know how he is and how he’s doing. So please bring him back to her so they can ride dragons together and get to know one another and be a family again <3
40s/50s | leader | open
Okay so Stoick. Liv has been faithful to him the whole time she’s been gone- he’s her husband and she loves him so. She is terrified he must hate her for leaving- of course he most likely believes her to be dead. She is searching for him, of course, as her son is alive and her husband must be out there somewhere. They’d have to work through her fears of him being angry, or not, for her leaving, and just having a really adorable happy family again yes?

She’s always been in love with him and she wants to see him again and just yes please. Maybe they’ve even met before and not recognized each other? I don’t know they just need adorableness!

Playby suggestions - Alec Baldwin? Liam Neeson? RDJ? Viggo Mortenson? Russel Crowe? Have fun with it!


the climber
20s | adventurous | open
okay so claire needs her love! i followed the video exactly, with them randomly seeing each other throughout their lives until they finally ended up together. claire always felt a weird connection to him as well. they were happy together for a little while, until the darkness came and ripped them apart. claire spend the first few months across the portal in a depression, but she’s now doing a lot better! she’s still looking for her climber, of course.

she’d be completely in love with him again once they found each other, so they can stay together or we can rip them apart and ruin them. So much fun!

so she’s 23, and they seem to be the same age, so he should be around there, maybe 24? faces are open, but if you want to do dominic monaghan or robert patterson because gifs that would be awesome. especially dom because he’s an adventurer! but everything else is up to you!

the dog
open | fun| open
because why not? it was adorable and their for them all along!

someone pretty faced for sure. :D


40s | manipulative | open
“Her dress is red because it represents love, passion, and life. The only blue in her design is in her eyes, because she only has eyes for Xibalba. His flames burn green with envy. The only red in his design is in his skull-shaped irises, because he only has eyes for La Muerte.“

If that doesn’t win you over, I don’t know what will! These two are obviously completely in love, and they are just wonderful together. My backstory has that Emilia was a human until she died, she got into a bet with Xibalba, and she became a Goddess. Then at some point they fell in love and the rest is history!

Of course she’s constantly searching for him, and she wants him back in her life. They need to be cute and adorable again, please. <3

Javier Bardem or Johnny Depp for faces?
the gang
20s | individualistic | open
These three humans were interesting- they were the ones Xibalba and La Muerte bet the future of the world on, more or less. Isn’t that beautiful? So Emilia would love to have them back to interact with a fair bit! <3 They could visit her bookstore and be friends and yes please give her back the kids she truly believed in!
4os | funky | open
Emilia would love to be surrounded by her friends again- she loves her God buddies dearly! Even if she didn’t see Candlemaker often, he’s always been important to her, and they need to find one another again so they aren’t alone! Pbs and everything is entirely open!
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