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 Rough {Waters}, Tag: Pond/Olaf (WYB)
hiro kenji takachiho
 Posted: Aug 16 2015, 03:53 PM
Diagnosis: Puberty
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Hiro Hamada

The first thing he felt was the throbbing of his head, long, painful throbs that pulsated through his body. He could feel the pounding in his chest, to his fingers, and all the way to his toes. With each slow breath he took it seemed the pounding only started to grow worse. The second thing he felt was the jarring swirl of sickness in his stomach. The way his throat was tight and the taste of bile was on the tip of his tongue. His stomach would lurch and the tightness in his throat would only grow. The third thing he felt was the awkward way his body sat, the position of his arms behind his back and the rough material around his wrists. It was only in those few moments of grogginess when he was first waking up that he hadn’t realized something was off. That he hadn’t realized there was an odd rocking sensation and the sound of waves was unusual. He was blissfully unaware… until his eyes blinked open.

Slowly his dark eyes caught site of the Ironman boxer shorts he was wearing, the covers of his bed must have been kicked off sometime in the middle of the night. Except… he wasn’t in bed. Confusion grew in him and mixed with the gross feeling in his stomach, making him swallow roughly—only agitating the throbbing further. A sigh escaped his lips as he wrestled for a moment to move his arms so he could pinch the bridge of his nose in an attempt to ease the hangover he was experiencing, but pain shot through his arm and up his shoulder. For a moment he couldn’t figure out for the life of him what was happening… the wind on his face and the scent of sea water in the air not leading his slow mind to any conclusions. But with another struggle to move his arms, his first thought that he had just slept on them funny, he felt the first wave of fear.

Dark eyes widened as he looked up, expecting to see the dank but familiar four walls of his messy apartment. However, he was met with an unfamiliar site, the ship deck of a boat. For the life of him he couldn’t figure out he had gotten here, why he was here… but as he tried to recall the previous night’s events, his lagging mind whirring slowly to life, he felt not only the throbbing in his head intensify but only little bits and pieces flashed before his eyes. There was alcohol—lots of alcohol—pain something reminiscent of when he felt eh emptiness of losing his brother. The nausea only grew in his stomach and he made a gagging sound as he struggled to pull himself free of his confines. But the rough rope which he was tied to rubbed painfully against already raw and sensitive flesh. Teeth clenched as he hissed, no longer trying to wrench himself free. The entire night was blank to him, gone and only coming back in slow flashes. But, Hiro was starting to realize, there were more pressing matters than what had already happened—like what was currently going on.

Jaw clenched tight, he looked up and took in his surroundings. Had things been different he would have been equipped to hand whoever it was to had taken him in the middle of the night form his home, but he was in nothing but boxers and a messy wife beater. There was nothing he could really do about his predicament, his genius brain throbbing any time he tried to think anything greater than ‘what the’, leaving him to flounder. It only dawned on him though that… didn’t he have a friend over? Had they been taken too? Was someone… Samara? Lola? Hana? Here with him too? Breathing deeply, the cool salty air stinging his lungs, he strained against the ropes. “Well… this isn’t good.” he deadpanned, his voice raspy and rough. He swallowed roughly before falling back against the metal of the anchor he was tied to. “Any bright ideas Hiro?” he asked himself, his eyes closing as he tried to focus and think past the pain. But he just seethed, the throbbing waking up the sickness. “Just…” he swallowed back some bile. “Just have to find a new angle…” It didn’t occur to him that he wasn’t alone…

meg of caution

Tag: PONY/OLAF || Words: 732 || Notes: Good luck Olaf >>!

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Thank you my wonderful beautiful Waifu
olaf tannon friedmann
 Posted: Sep 13 2015, 08:26 PM
Hi! I'm Olaf, and I love warm hugs. I'm a snowman too! Whoops, I don't think I'm supposed to tell you that. Well, that's okay, you just can't tell anyone, okay? I love love too! In fact, I love everyone I meet. Do you want to be my friend?
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614 words. this is gonna be crayyy.
Olaf had had the most wonderful day yesterday. He had gone out ice skating with Gisli, of course drank hot chocolate during a little break at one point, and then gone out for just a little walk with her. Gisli was an incredibly sweet girl, someone he was so happy he had been given the opportunity to meet! She had the biggest smiles and one of the most active personalities around. She was just a great person to have work at the ice skating rink because she never stopped working! All the kids loved her, and all of the other teachers, and she would sometimes stay after to keep the snowman company while he did all of the night cleaning. Sometimes that even involved going on fun little rides on the zamboni while they cleaned the ice! She was getting to be a great driver- but still not as good as Olaf! He was the master of the zamboni, hence why they always had him cleaning things up!

That night, Olaf found himself falling asleep in his incredibly comfortable Complex bed, wrapped up in nice and cozy blankets. They didn’t make him too hot or anything, of course, but they were extremely soft and nice. It was just what he needed when he ended the day, no matter what sort of day it was! Things were just so much fun all of the time! He slept well- he didn’t even think an earthquake could wake him up! Of course, Olaf didn’t really know what an earthquake was. He had just heard of them from others around him… Something about the ground moving around and stuff like that. It seemed pretty weird! Maybe it was fun too, you could bounce around! It would be like a giant carnival ride or something, right? He’d have to ask more questions just to find out exactly what that was about.

However, the snowman wouldn’t get a chance to ask any sort of questions about earthquakes, not right now, as he seemed to be experiencing one! Everything around him was rocking, and he was fairly certain he wasn’t in his own bed! Things were moving quite oddly… And upon opening his eyes, Olaf had little to no idea of where he was. He wasn’t even a human! Now that was odd. He was back to his snowman form, and he was certain he hadn’t crossed the Portal the night before. Olaf remembered going to bed after he and Gisli parted ways. He remembered making ice cream and eating it, then putting the bowl in the sink before he went to sleep. There was no doubt in his mind about that! So how was he here, in a boat, now?

”Whoa…” he said as he looked around even more. There was no earthquake, it was simply the boat rocking. And he wasn’t even alone! He found himself wrapped in ropes while another person sat across from him, tied to something strange. It was a weird thing, he honestly had no idea what it was. This was just so odd! What on earth was this? How did he even get there?? There were far too many questions in his head! Now that was odd! Super odd. ”What happened?” he frowned and looked at the man across from him. Well, he wasn’t really a man. He was just a kid! How on earth had they both ended up here? The snowman wiggled around in his bonds, ”Well this is no fun!” his arm popped off, falling to the ground. Maybe it could help him out! Olaf looked back at the kid, ”Did you bring us here?”
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