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 a {new} perspective, open!
marco felix andersen
 Posted: Oct 4 2015, 10:08 PM
'D-A-N-G-E-R', short cut!"
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There was, really, a lot of time when Marco wasn’t doing anything. A few days a week he recorded his episodes for the week, then he would go to the hospital once a twice of week, he would take classes at the Complex once in awhile, and would attend weekly sessions to talk about his various problems… And that was all. The imaginary friend went all over the place, did all sorts of things, yet didn’t actually do much of anything. He needed to go off and do something, he needed to sit and experience more of this world. Things were always such a routine, they were always set in stone. Now he just wanted to go and do what he wanted. But what did he want? Honestly, Marco never knew. He wanted to go back across the Portal, he wanted to find his friends again, he wanted to know if Riley was okay. Marco knew that Joy made it back up, he knew she and Sadness were doing what they could to save Riley from anything terrible, but that was the extent of his memories. What if he had known how to read? What if he had never been forgotten by Riley? Then things would have been different, right?

The imaginary friend certainly spent more time locked in his thoughts than he should have. But that was where he was from, so wasn’t it only natural? A creature of the mind would certainly copy it so. He had been without the others so long that they often felt like a dream- even though he crossed the Portal often, they seemed less real. Sometimes, Marco thought about the fact that he had, perhaps, even for a moment, died. He was no longer a being as he sacrificed himself for Joy, so that she could get back to Headquarters. Marco had dreamed of knowing what it looked like, of how it worked, but it looked as if he wouldn’t get that opportunity. Back in his little cozy apartment the imaginary friend had a handful of pictures of what he thought it could be. His art looked like that of a three-year-old, but it was beautiful enough for him. He could see the different pieces jump out and come to life, just as he could when Riley was a little girl… Everything she drew was wonderful, a thought still locked up deep in his mind.

Marco walked down the next street, his mind heavy as always. Why was this depression? It was certainly no fun to be diagnosed with something like that. Sometimes the days were easy, they were fun. Other times he was just sad all the time. He didn’t even want to move! It was like being stuck in jelly, or something. A certainly large amount of jelly that you couldn’t get out of. Definitely not great. He would never understand why he had to be given something like this, why the Portal couldn’t have just stuck him with the ability to cry candy like he could back home… It just wasn’t fair. Some people said that there was a good way to look at anything, and he still couldn’t find it! Maybe, just maybe, he needed to get up high.

So up to the top of the Empire State Building he went. Maybe if he had to look at something differently, he just had to look at it from up high! Surely that would make everything make more sense. It was crowded, full of people as he exited the elevator and looked outside. The cool air blew past him and he shivered, stepping out onto the landing. ”Wow..” he spoke, looking around. Now this was great. This would definitely help him find a new way to look at things! Marco moved around, staring out of the ledge, still in wonder. It was so pretty up here! Riley would have loved it… With a frown, the imaginary friend stepped back from the ledge and bumped into someone else, ”Oh, I’m sorry! Are you okay?”

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