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 for the thrill of it, wanted in action
marianne lily devoss
 Posted: Sep 24 2015, 08:10 AM
...but he carved our initials on this tree. i remember it so well.
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Maid Marian


peg, peg, peg. who doesn't love peg? she's a sultry singer who's a street-wise queen, and tramp remembers their silly antics from "back in the day" quite well. their relationship never really ended, tramp just went off to do his own thing (as he is wont to do) and there's no doubt in my mind that it didn't stop this spunky little lady one bit.

basically everything is up to you in terms of her backstory and travel to NYC. i have a lot of random, convoluted ideas running through my head. at the very least, there is bound to be a lot of playful attraction going on and fun, fun, fun. imagine the antics that these two mischievous pups could get into in the big city. my headcanon for her profession is some sort of jazz singer or musician. keyword i associate with peg is sexy/cool. whether you want her to be friends, lovers, or frenemies with tramp, the possibilities are endless, and i am sure she would flourish in her new "human" life.

i put lana del rey up as a potential play-by, but anyone who has those "bedroom eyes" is what i was thinking of in terms of her aesthetic. age should be no older than mid-30s (in my opinion), but everything else is really flexible. i just want her to make an appearance and show tramp what he's been missing since shit hit the fan.

lady and the tramp. lass. open pb.


this guy. this little bundle of trouble needs to make an appearance in NYC. his pop has no idea he even exists, so it stands to reason that scamp doesn't know his dad, either. what does he think about him? is he resentful and thinks that he abandoned his mom and family? does he want to find him and beat him up? or does he have no desire to find that guy who knocked up his mom?

i would really, really like for someone to bring scamp to life on DERP. his backstory is unwritten, save for the part about good ol' dad not being around for his birth/youth. it's up to you if he came over with his mom or alone, and it's up to you whether he even knows who his father is (but please consult with the individual who plays lady first). whatever you decide, i'm beyond excited because let's be real, daddy issues make for very good roleplay.

his age should be somewhere in his late teens/early 20s and i put up ansel elgort as a potential play-by. however, i have no specific choices in mind for him... it would be nice if he bears some resemblance to his family members and i believe it would make sense if he was on the younger end of the spectrum. PLEASE MAKE HIM! he's crying for attention.

lady and the tramp. hero/lad. open pb.


"too late to be known as john the first, he's sure to be known as john the worst!" what a terrible and yet fearsome villain. prince john (don't you dare call him PJ) is the main antagonist of robin hood. he has a strong loathing for lower class individuals and is selfish as hell. he also takes pleasure in watching others suffer.

prince john's relationship with maid marian is not explored in depth in the film; their only interaction occurs when she begs him to spare robin's life. he chastises her and seems to almost... enjoy her tears. he's a messed up guy, but i think their relationship could become very fascinating in their new world. marianne isn't going to reclaim her memories anytime soon, and she feels so lost and confused, which could work to prince john's benefit if he wishes to continue his torment.

there are a lot of possible ways their interactions could go, and i think the plotting is endless here. plus he's already got his main enemy on site (ol' rob) so we really need the main baddie to ruin their already-bleak lives in the big apple. i suggest his age should be mid 30s/40s. i put up benedict cumberbatch as a potential play-by because i hate that ugly celebrity but his face is completely up to you! please bring some maniacal deviance to our growing robin hood family <3

robin hood. villain. open pb.


everyone knows and fears the sound of the sheriff whistling his way down the street. he's a glorified tax collector with the law on his side, and he isn't afraid to take advantage of his position to suit his needs. his obsessive quest to catch robin hood (i imagine) hasn't changed in their new surroundings. if anything, he might be hatching even more nefarious schemes to finally get his grubby hands on the outlaw.

the "honorable" sheriff of nottingham is slimy and underhanded. he get the job done however he sees fit, and he certainly takes pleasure in seeing others suffer, to an extent. i'm anxious for him to stumble across poor lil marianne in NYC. who knows what would happen? i'm sure there will be lots of teeth-grinding and hair-pulling. mainly i just really want someone to bring this bad cop to life and let him loose on the "goodies" he worked so hard to break.

our sheriff here could be any age, however i imagine him in his 30s or maybe early 40s depending how you want to create his character. i have no guidance in terms of his play-by, but i put up oscar isaac because he looks wolf-y to me. yeah? yeah. so, who's afraid of the big bad wolf? MARIANNE IS. but you shouldn't be. give him life!

sheriff of nottingham. lad. open pb.

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thanks sam! <3
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