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 lend a helping hand, theo/littlelight
bianka iren eszes
 Posted: Sep 16 2015, 12:41 PM
But, Bernard, the Society's counting on us. We can't quit now. Oh, and that little girl. We just have to rescue her.
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Miss Bianca

Yet again, Miss Bianca found herself on the other side of the portal. If it weren’t for the Resistance, she probably would not spend so much time on the animated side. She knew that she would always be a little white mouse at heart, but she did so enjoy being human. With a larger body, she was able to do so many more things, especially for the Rescue Aid Society she had founded on the real world side. Of course, she had her duty to the Resistance and she was never one to ignore her duty. Miss Bianca obviously could not really participate in any of the battles because she was so small, but she was very useful when it came to spying and scavenging. Why, she was so small that she could slip right by an enemy without them even noticing!

On this particular outing, she was investigating the area that had come to be known as the Ruined Village. It made Miss Bianca rather sad to see all of the abandoned homes and gardens. Some of the homes had been completely destroyed by the Darkness creatures and the battles, but some of them were in fairly good condition. The few gardens that still had anything growing in them were overgrown with weeds. There weren’t any flowers and the green of the plants looks worn and thirsty. She moved over to the one of the gardens and gently touched one of the vines. It immediately crumbled into dust at her touch. She immediately withdrew her hand in a mixture of horror and surprise. Oh, the poor plants.

Miss Bianca made sure not to dawdle too long on the plants and she kept moving. She entered the first house near the entrance of the village to investigate. Rarely did she ever really know what she was looking for when she went on her little investigations. Usually, she had some sort of companion. Even if they were just as small as she was, there was safety in numbers. More and more of her companions, though, had been mysteriously disappearing. Whether a Darkness creature had gotten them or they simply did not want to brave the Animated World anymore, she didn’t know. Wherever they were, Miss Bianca truly wished that they were safe.

The house that she had entered was one that was still in fairly good condition. Whoever had previously lived there seemed to just have left everything. This village was a mystery, so she couldn’t say for sure what had happened. One thing she could say, though, was that they left in an awful hurry. She scittered forward and gently handled the very edge of a blanket that was carelessly tossed over one of the armchairs.

She was distracted from her investigations when she heard a rustling in the next room over. Whatever made the sound was small – at least, too small to be any Darkness creature that Miss Bianca had ever come across. Still, there was a hesitancy in her steps as she approached the room. “Hello…? Is someone there?

theo lee sandleford
 Posted: Sep 18 2015, 06:22 AM
I'll probably get my ears chewed off for this.
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human beings say that they enjoy the winter
Snow had fallen the day before, lightly, but far too early. Thlayli's coat was thin and ragged and the chill seeped through it like it had been invited. His coat had no time to grow for winter, and Thlalyi had failed to provide it with adequate nutrition to do so. He could feel it in the tips of his whiskers. The Black Rabbit was going to come for him soon, at last.

That night, with ice pellets stuck between his toes, he had come across a ruined place of man. Burrows above ground extending to the hills behind them, empty of life and Darkness alike. The flay had mostly withered, but Thlayli found a pea plant big enough to fill his shriveled belly. In the burrow that watched over it like a giant skeleton, he found a dusty place to lie down. Sleep overcame him almost instantly. He assumed as he began to drift that this would be his last night alive. He had no thoughts for Hazel and the others. His starvation had eaten his memories of them.

But he did wake up. The Black Rabbit would not take him yet. He awoke not from hunger, which had been sated the night before, but from something tugging sharply on his ear. His eyes snapped open. A rat! Thlayli leaped up and kicked it, sending it scurrying into the shadows. He realized it was day. And someone was calling to him, hesitantly, questioningly.

"Ana houn," he said, plodding toward the other room. I'm here. "Shemi Thlayli." My name is Thlayli. He tilted his head at the creature who'd been calling: a small white mouse. He'd never seen a mouse in such a color. It was rather pretty, but it reminded him of a hutch rabbit, useless for the wild. He knew that some mice could understand and speak Lapine. He wondered if this one did.

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