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Posted by: wren isolina marrok Sep 12 2015, 08:29 PM

Her father was going to kill her. She wasn't supposed to cross over by herself. It was one of the things she'd agreed to when she had finally convinced Leon to train her. No solo missions. They worked together or they--correction she didn't work at all. But this wasn't a hunting excursion. She had no illusions about her readiness to take on the creatures of the darkness, men and animals twisted by the evil magic that fueled the cloud that had forced her from all she had known into a strange new world all those years ago. She knew her limitations, and as much as she hated to admit it, right now her bark was worse than her bite. Despite how much she wished she wasn't, she was still a scared little girl inside. Pretending to be tough. Immune to hurt and pain. All she was really doing was lying to herself. But one day, gods help her, it would be true. She would be strong. And she wouldn’t be afraid. But that day wasn't today. She pulled her cape tighter around her body, making sure that the hood was up, hating herself for needing its protection. It was the symbol of everything she had lost. Everything that was forcibly taken from her that day. And instead of tossing it away, like the cursed thing that it was, she clung to it greatful for the concealment that it provided. And though these woods weren't hers, she knew the Hood would hide her. Muffle her steps. Confuse her scent. It ought to be enough for her to grab what she needed and sneak back home, hopefully with her father none the wiser.

To be quite honest, it would be a miracle if he didn't notice. And Wren just wasn't sure if she believed in miracles anymore. Magic, yes, miracles no. She chuckled quietly to herself at the strangeness of that statement. But for her it was simple, miracles were something that she couldn't see and touch where as magic she had seen. Her father would find out, of that she was nearly one hundred percent certain. What she was hoping for was that he wouldn’t find out until later. She wouldn't be able to lie to him about it. She supposed that she could try…but was a few sprigs of herbs worth sneaking out and lying about it? Not really. Besides he'd know anyway. He simply knew her better than anyone else. He knew what to look for. He simply followed the clues that she unknowingly gave him. Like a trail of bread crumbs, they led around her carefully crafted mask and right to her actual feelings.

Her stomach rumbled at the mention of bread crumbs. She hadn't bothered with breakfast that morning, so intent was she onnher gathering mission, but thankfully, she had prepared for this. Despite her goal to be gone only for a short while, she had packed enough food for a small army. Apple slices, a few wedges of cheese, a meat sandwich, and her favorite peanut butter cookies. She paused in her way and reached into the leather pouch, digging for her treasure…where were they? Wren frowned and crouched, dumping the contents of her bag onto the ground. Knife, apples, cheese, sandwich, poison (just in case), and twine for her her herb bundles. And a hole. What? Where had they gone? She shoved her belongings back into the bag, mindful of the hole, arose from her position and retraced her steps. It was stupid perhaps, but she wanted those cookies and she would have them. There! There was the sack. But it was empty. And small crumbs led away from it right to…a rabbit. It hadn't seen her, thanks to the hood's enchantment, and seemed to be enjoying its pilfered goods. The picture was cute to say the least. Wren lowered her hood and tried to keep her face impassive, she was a huntress now not a girl to be amused by the antics of a bunny, but her voice betrayed her when she stated in a light tone, "Are you enjoying those, bunny? They were mine, you know." It seemed the girl won out over the huntress this time.

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Posted by: theo lee sandleford Sep 16 2015, 07:37 AM
between the trunks of trees
Thlayli had lost track of how long he'd been searching for the portal. Not more than a season, he hoped. How long did it take to get as thin as he'd become? He was so scrawny that not even the elil wanted him. Or perhaps they had their own troubles to deal with, and fighting a captain rabbit for his life added one too many. The Black Rabbit, at least, had spared him so far. Thlayli would be willing to join His warren one day. After all, how many second chances did he deserve? But he hoped that the Black Rabbit understood just how much he needed more time. He said a prayer under his breath as he loped awkwardly along the forest floor.

Someone must have heard him, because almost immediately he found a small patch of rose moss. "Frithrah!" he said, pricking up his ears. It was the best flay he'd seen in days. He was so excited that he almost forgot himself, but he looked around into the shadows to make sure he was alone before tucking in. The moss was not terribly flavorful, but it was nutritious enough.

He was nibbling on a wilted flower when he heard a small thud, and looked up. At first he thought it must be just an acorn, but what he saw instead was unfamiliar. It was tan and lumpy, almost like a rock, but it was flaking more like a clump of wet sand. It seemed to have come from nowhere. Thlayli looked around again and sniffed to make sure. There was the scent of man. Thlayli had avoided them in these woods before. Could the clump be poison? Best to investigate, lest the rose moss he'd just been enjoying be hiding a snare. Fool me once, fool me twice, et cetera.

Cautiously, he went forward to take a sniff. It certainly didn't smell like poison, which had an acrid stench like a freakish homba. In fact, it smelled incredible and delicious. Thlayli prepared himself for the worst and took a nibble. Oh, Frith was it as wonderful as he'd hoped it would be! He made a happy little chirp and began to tuck in. It seemed Frith was watching over him today! Would it be too much to hope for a portal to go along with this feast?

Perhaps. For as Thlayli was finishing the first clump and moving onto a second about a hop away, he heard a voice speaking a language he didn't understand. He leaped straight up and kicked the air before landing on the ground on high alert. Standing in front of him was a man! "Zorn!" he squeaked, and darted into a hollow spot in the roots of a tree. He didn't think that it would do him much good. Man had good reach. He recalled Hazel's leg injury on the farm near the warren, and how the man had been so far away. And then he thought, Was it speaking to me? The idea seemed absurd, but it had the chance to kill him before speaking to him. Why hadn't it?

"Mi aht?" he called from the hollow. "Shou biddi?"

NOTES: Excuse me as I make up lapine that doesn't exist. :P


Posted by: wren isolina marrok Sep 23 2015, 05:00 PM

Wren hadn't meant to scare him. Honest. She had just wanted to see if he was enjoying his stolen treat. She had worked hard on those after all. But it seemed that she had. Perhaps she was more frightening than she had thought. The rabbit spoke, or at least she thought that he did, but unlike the Wolves of her Wood he didn't speak in a man's tongue. How interesting. She had known that all animals couldn’t speak in a man's tongue, what a mess that would be if they could, but she hadn't known that she could hear their own languages. Well…aside from chirps and barks. This rabbit didn't seem to do that. He seemed to be actually speaking. She was curious…but she didn't want to cause the little thing to have a heart attack. But she wasn't exactly sure how to get him to understand that she wasn't going to hurt him. She pursed her lips in thought. Perhaps she could offer the rest of the cookie to it? As far as she could tell from rabbit body language, he had been enjoying the treat and it wasn't like she was going to eat them anymore anyway. It seemed a crime to just let her hard work go to waste.

She crouched and picked up the cookie from where he had abandoned it slowly walked toward the rabbit's hiding place. She broke off a small piece of it and placed it near the hollow's entrance. "Look bunny, I don't know what you're saying, and I'm pretty sure that you can't understand me either. But I'm not going to hurt you, all right?" She felt like a first class idiot for continuing to speak to him like he could understand what she was saying…but it made her feel better. And who knows, maybe he'd be able to tell something from her tone. She stepped away from his hiding place, respecting his need for space from something that obviously frightened him. She would appreciate that if the situation was reversed. She sat where she could still see him and placed the rest of the cookie on her knee. She wouldn't be forcing him to come out, rabbits hard sharp claws and she didn't relish the idea of being scratched, but if he wanted more of the cookie he'd have to show a bit of trust.

Meanwhile she was still hungry. She slipped her bag's strap over her head and rooted around in there until she found the cheese. Not as good as the cookies would have been but it would do. Besides, her rabbit friend looked like he needed to have the cookie more than she did. He'd looked to be on the scrawny side. More malnourished than lean to be honest. Hm. It was a pity she couldn't understand him. She'd have liked to know what had happened to him. Perhaps she could guess? It would be entertaining, for her at least, while she waited to see if her little friend was going to trust her or not. And despite all that had happened to her, Wren still enjoyed pretending. She didn’t allow herself the luxury of actual pretending, for fun anyway, all that often but it could be fun to see what she came up with. She slipped her quiver off her back and set her bow against it. Both were still within arm's reach as one could never be too careful in these woods.

Now that she was much more comfortable, she allowed her mind to wander age old paths of 'what ifs'. Where her mind used to be the most comfortable. She made sure not to follow the Maiden of the Wood paths as those were no longer safe…tainted by the Wolf's sharp bite of betrayal. Instead she forged a new path. And though she knew he wouldn't be able to understand her, she spoke her wonderings aloud to her rabbit friend, preparing to weave a tale for the two of them. "I wonder what happened to you, bunny. Probably something terrible."

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Posted by: theo lee sandleford Sep 24 2015, 06:43 AM
between the trunks of trees
Thlayli peeked out from his hiding place. The man seemed to be investigating the spot he had just been. Was it blind? Had it not seen Thlayli flee? He knew that men were generally stupid---after all, no one was more cunning than a rabbit---but this seemed a bit excessive. Perhaps he should make a run for it now, while he was still able. But if the thing left after its investigations, Thlayli would have access to the delicious flay again. He sorely needed it. He crouched, shivering, caught up in indecision.

Too late to decide now. It was coming towards him! He pressed himself back into the hollow. He'd fight if he had to! Make his last stand in this most unnatural place for rabbits. All the warrens of the dead would revere him for his courage.

But, hold a moment. The man was speaking to him again. Thlayli was terribly confused. Its tone was gentle and reassuring. I don't trust it, not for a bloody second, Thlayli thought. He laid his ears back and glared with all the menace he could. Now the man was stepping away... Thlayli took a tentative step forward and sniffed the piece of flay it had left.

Impossible, he thought. Am I to be its hutch rabbit? Was that idea so bad, though? He could stay with the man for a time, fatten up, perhaps even breed, and then enrage the cat enough to spring him free so that he could continue on his mission. The idea was very tempting. He had accomplished similar tricks before. Yes, he thought, that's what I'll do. "Bess," he said to the man, before taking the flay in one big bite. "Idh'elledhi tureed."

He watched carefully as the man put down its sticks and brought out flay for itself. The last of the flay Thlayli had been eating rested on its knee, waiting for him. "Aht mukhaada," he said. He caught a bit of admiration in his tone and chided himself. Then he loped over to the man and put a paw on its knee, back legs coiled just in case the massive creature change its mind and decide to try and bludgeon him to death. But it seemed quite lost in its own thought, so Thlayli took the flay from its knee and settled down with it in front of the man's legs. It spoke again. Thlayli listened, though he could not understand.

"Lo buhibu lekin todah," Thlayli said. In short, thank you.


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