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 grey. bernard peter, 40, bernard, martin freeman
bernard peter grey
 Posted: Oct 4 2015, 07:14 AM
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bernard peter grey
"uuh, yes, you might say penny... brought us together"
forty - bernard - martin freeman - hero

freestyle application

Dear Miss Bianca,

oh boy, i do hope you're alright, i'd never forgive myself if something happened to you. i'm still trying to piece what happened together, those at the transition center suggested i write it down lest i forget it. i thought i'd write to you, it may seem silly, but hopefully i'll find you again and if you have forgotten me i hope you haven't i'll have this letter to give you. unless you are happier without me

i'll never forget the first day i saw you. i was just a janitor to the rescue aid society, worthless. that was the day the message in the bottle turned up in New York from that little girl Penny. it was my job to open it up and pull the letter out of the bottle, i can remember that the ladder was not a good one, it had thirteen rungs on it, unlucky. anyway, uh i got the letter out of the bottle though i was stuck for a few moments. i was still listening to you read the letter, and my heart went out to the poor girl, but i was not happy when you offered to go rescue her! i mean, not alone... but when i suggested someone went with you the last thing i expected was for you to pick me. i can still see the looks of disbelief around the room, no doubt mirroring my own. no one had thought i'd be any good for anything like this before, no one until you. i don't think i knew i needed you until that day, and now i look back on it, if i wasn't already on my way to falling for you, i did then you awakened a part of me I didn't know existed, you found me. it took some convincing on your part to get me to agree though, and while initially i was stubborn, you won me over, head over heels.

so, off we went, starting right away we went to morningside orphanage where penny addressed her letter to. we had a few um, mis-starts with my waking the lion - i promise you i didn't do anything to him, he was just a grumpy old lion! we got there eventually though, and had a look around, met a cat that frightened the life out of me, but soon learned he was alright. Rufus gave us information of penny and her whereabouts, or lack of, but he did give us a clue so we followed that up. the pawn shop was owned by an awful woman called medusa, do you remember her? we overheard a phone call when she interrupted our investigations and learned just what she was using penny for. oh it was just mean and cruel! so we tried to sneak into her suitcase and hitch a ride to the Devils Bayou where she held penny captive; but the woman was a crazy driver just as she was insane that we got bumped out into the street. you suggested we take a flight down there, personally i still think we should had taken the train, the signs weren't good. i did not have faith in the mode of transport, i didn't like flying and with thirteen steps up to the cabin on orvilles back i was not liking it one bit! but you worked your charm up on me, you had something about you that made me brave enough to do it, and we took off. it was terrifying, but once we were coasting along i calmed down and just enjoyed your presence.

we had a bit of a rude awaking when came into the land, fireworks were fired off into us and we almost died. i thought i was going to lose you then as we fell, my heart was in my throat and it was relief when I got you in my arms and opened the umbrella. thankfully we landed without too much of a scrape, the locals coming out to help us, and help us they did again to get to the boathouse as we followed those nasty crocs with penny back. with the help of evintrude we snuck into the house and there tried to get penny out. unfortunately the crocs got wind of your perfume and chased us around the house until the mean woman took a shot at us. it was just too dangerous so we got out of there. but penny out on the balcony renewed our determination and so we snuck back in and the three of us came up with a plan. it fell through, but we stuck by penny as the next day they took her to the cave to get the diamond the greedy woman wanted. you and i left penny near safely as we investigated the incoming tide, and in the process found the diamond! we had to hurry though, the tide was fast approaching, and if we weren't careful we'd be done for! we got out though, and with the help of the local was successful in rescuing penny and the diamond.

penny brought us together, but something dark separated us. we had just finished one mission when we were called to do another. it was to be the beginning of a beautiful partnership - you covering the beauty, of course - then chaos descended on new york and my grip was not strong enough. there was nothing i could do as the wave of crowds pulled me away from you, so i had to let them and hope i'd find you again. the group i joined found the portal after a long, dangerous journey, oh boy, i did so hope you found it safely! it was no trip for a lady like yourself. i looked for you around the place, but they eventually said i had to cross, and it was with a heavy heart that i did.

i must confess, it was a shock when i first crossed. i believe they had to carry me to the transition center when i found myself human... i had to wonder how i got so high up that i was eye level with my human companions instead of looking up at them. i suspect they got quite the shock also! it took me a while to adjust balance wise - how do the humans manage to stay upright without a tail i do not know. they like their paperwork here as well don't they? it was comforting really to be doing something i can do. like writing this letter to you miss bianca is comforting. i don't know why, maybe it is the knowledge that i'm doing something i know i can do, that i can do as both mouse and man.

i'm afraid you'll be disappointed in me miss bianca, i stuck to what i knew, and got a job as a janitor. it was not for a society like the Rescue Aid, but it was something to do with my time, and i did enjoy it. i suppose you helped me find myself, and in crossing the portal and losing you, i lost myself in the process and went back to what i knew. i must find you again, now that i've had you in my life and the good work we've accomplished, i don't think i could live without you. i just have to hope that my job will make it easier for you to find me. i won't give up on looking for you miss bianca, i promise you that.

Love, Bernard

Dear Miss Bianca,

this is letter number 5, so that means it has been 5 years since i last saw you and the darkness had separated us and destroyed our home and lives. i'm afraid i've lost you for good now. that you'll never be found, that you can't be found. the thought of you dead breaks my heart, so as much as i try to believe you are not, every passing year makes that more difficult.

i started these letters as a way to remember my life, and now they've turned into a diary of sorts. if i do find you, they will be given to you, for they are rightfully yours. i don't think that if i meet you again i'd ever be able to tell you my feelings, and about my life without them.

nothing has changed since the last year. i still search for you, still go to the transition center in the hopes of some news. read the papers and notice boards for some clue that will lead me to you. i have moved out of the area i was in, and into a better neighbourhood since my last letter. it is slightly better, and there is more room, just, but my life is still incomplete. my job has not changed, though the place of employment has. i was in a school, and now i have worked my way back into the united nations. it feels more like home working there, even though it is a little different, the basic principles are the same.

hope has come back into this letter, into my life. those clues i was looking for, i found one. i can only hope and pray that you are part of it, or that the other mice from my world are. it would get me closer than i ever had been before. i have to believe this, i made a promise that i would never give up on you, and i won't break it for anything, or anyone. you are my best friend, my partner, and i need you Miss Bianca.

Love always, Bernard

character connections

for his name, I couldn't seem to find a name to change from Bernard, it is him and suits him, and he wants miss bianca to find him, so he kept it. Peter means stone, rock, and I though that suits him as he is always there for the people he thinks of as friends, he'd never give up on them no matter how scared he may be. Grey, just simply for the colour of his fur, and it is also a joke cause I had to laugh when I thought of 50 shades and he is just the opposite of that!
Martin Freeman as his playby? why not, look at him! I think he works for Bernard, he has that cautious way with him, but can get the job done. I just can't see anyone else for him so I think he's perfect and I hope you guys think so too!
birthday - the release date of the Rescuers, and he seems like a cancer to me, he kind of reminds me of my dad a little.

about LOWRIE !
lowrie, 26, lover of disney, you all know me. Loved rescuers since I was a small kid <3 I only have myself to blame...

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Plotter: rising stars

spiffy details !
movie: The Rescuers

birthday: 22nd June


nickname(s): bernie, berno, though really he'd rather you didn't

powers/abilities:enhanced agility, a mouse on the animated side

 Posted: Oct 4 2015, 07:37 PM
Hi y'all~ I'm Amanda and I'm happy to help at all times, just drop me a line! I am an enabler in training and my interests include ridiculous plot spams, graphic edits, and general derping around.
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