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 i { w o n ' t } grow up, open
james warren slight
 Posted: Sep 19 2015, 03:31 PM
Hi, I'm James! I'm a boy, okay? Not some icky grown-up. I won't ever grow up, not as long as I could stop it! If you try, you're just a codfish, and codfish are the absolute worst!
girls are icky
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James didn’t want to work anymore. He did not want to work or be a grown up at all. In fact, he didn’t even want to be in this world! He didn’t wanna help little kids write their alphabets or numbers and only have a few minutes of free time to go on adventures outside. He didn’t wanna listen to what other people said, or follow their instructions. The only person he listened to was Peter Pan! The two had finally found each other somehow, and James had learned of the existence of some of the others from Neverland, so he had the only person in charge of him back in his life. He wouldn’t listen to nobody, especially not any codfish. But that was what people in this world told you to do! It was incredibly lame, having to follow rules. Neverland didn’t have rules, why did this place have to have them? Rules were almost worse than adults, but at least they were easier to ignore. Besides, most people didn’t follow them anyways! The Lost Boy saw plenty of people crossing the street before the little white walking person appeared on the blinker, and lots of people smoked right in front of signs that said ‘no smoking’. So why did he have to do anything anyone told him? He nodded to himself, never again! He wouldn’t listen to any sorts of rules, he was a Lost Boy through and through!

With his slingshot in hand, the Lost Boy walked the streets of New York, humming little tunes to himself. He hadn’t found anything too interesting yet in his travels this day, but he hoped to come upon something awesome soon enough. James was lucky enough to have the chance to skip work- apparently some sickness was going around and the daycare was cancelled until more of the little kiddos would be able to make it back without coughing up a lung or anything. He wasn’t really sure what the sickness was, but he definitely didn’t want to get it! He didn’t even get sick in Neverland, it just didn’t happen. Why? Why would he even think about it! It was a brief thought that flew through his mind for only a moment. In one ear, and out the other. Without work, he had tons of time for fun and games! Maybe the boy would find a new friend, or a new victim, or someone else just like him. James always wanted to find the other Lost Boys- after all, Peter had managed to find anyone else! He wasn’t quite sure how it was possible, but at least he was finding people. James was almost, but not really, jealous of the others at the Complex with their families, but now he was coming back together again and it was all fine and dandy! Not that he was emotional about it or anything, emotions were for codfish.

Landing in front of the alley, James knew where he had to go. Across the Portal! There he could go on all sorts of adventures, and maybe even fight some dumb darkness creatures! Cool, wasn’t it? He loved to get to use his slingshot and maybe he could find a pointy stick to use too! Oh man, it was gonna be the best. Entirely lost in his own thoughts, the Lost Boy crossed the Portal and found himself very quickly entering the forest. It was a pretty nice forest, he wouldn’t lie. Good trees from climbing and hiding in, especially when you were looking for your next victim. Plenty of them had nice acorns for ammo, and there were little rocks about too. He would have a perfect time! He was sure of it.

Nice and comfortable at his normal child-size, James easily climbed up tree after tree, jumping from branch to branch, looking for the perfect spot to sit. He wasn’t worried about the darkness right now, he just wanted to sit back and relax! It was time to have a good time, and nothing would stop that. Plopping himself down on a larger branch, he took a candy bar out of his pocket and began to snack on it. At least the other world had something useful about it- all sorts of amazing food! His slingshot sat in his lap, ready for any source of movement… And when the rustling finally came, he was ready for it. Slingshot up, he fired a round down to where he heard the sound. Would it hit the target? Who knew! He just had to hope!
open -- WORDS 764 -- sorry he's just having fun!
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