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 friendly felines, bastian & mira
aradia corentine salem
 Posted: Aug 19 2015, 11:55 PM
How to make a monster: First you must take something innocent, then feed it hate, ridicule and betrayal. All that is left is a soul poisoned by the world.
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Agatha Prenderghast

“GRIMM!” It wasn’t often that Aradia’s precious feline friend made a break for it, leaping down the fire escape outside Aradia’s apartment or running in the opposite direction of where Aradia was going, but every so often he took on a somewhat wilder side, and in a flash he’d make up his mind to bolt. For a cat, he was a loyal creature; he was as attached to his mistress as a cat could get, acting as her closest friend and confidante, and he seemed to know that his mistress relied on him very heavily. Of course, it was not uncommon for people to depend on their pets for love and affection, but Aradia was different, always had been. Her curse made her unpredictable to most, often difficult to read and always hard to connect with, and the fact that the soul inside her living body had been dead for three hundred years made it rather difficult for her to find friends with shared life experiences. Anyway, she wasn’t entirely sure if she even wanted friends – she’d been betrayed by too many people in the past, sent to her death by people who hadn’t bothered to even know her before they judged her unworthy of her simple life, and her hesitance and fear of those around her left her stranded in solitude, holding tightly to whatever small comforts she could find on her own. In the time before she found Grimm in a pet store, she’d had a hard time even leaving her apartment without struggling with herself and ending the afternoon having electrocuted someone then run to hide back in the safety of her own space. She’d been without an anchor, spiraling and drifting, trying desperately to make sense of the fact that she had been dead for three hundred years and was now once again living as a young woman in a world she didn’t recognize. Though she’d bought Grimm on a whim one day when her witchy side had taken over and she’d begun to do everything she could to support the idea that she had powers and would very much like to use them, she’d quickly found that buying Grimm had been the best decision she’d made in New York thus far.

He was everything she needed. She’d loved him first simply for what he was – a black cat, a witch’s familiar – but he’d very quickly come to be even more than that. When she woke in the night, screaming curses and pleas, with the snap of her own neck ringing in her ears, he was a comfort, climbing into her lap and soothing her with his soft, warm fur and gentle purring. When she was angry and lightning bolts spread between her fingers, he hovered close by, keeping his distance so he wouldn’t get electrocuted, but remaining close at hand for when her anger broke into inevitable despair and crippling loneliness. When she wrote her ghost stories, he curled up on her feet or in her lap and slept, and when she went out, he trailed close behind her or rode on her shoulders, silently judging the people they passed by. This companionship was wildly important to the lonely little ghost girl as much as it was to her angry witch counterpart; no matter how either may deny it, both were in deep need of friends. The only trouble was that Grimm, like his mistress, was a bit different from the others of his kind – he sought out people of power, those who shared something with his mistress, and he cozied up to them. In the past, Aradia had been both glad of this tendency and betrayed by it; it had brought her to Cassandra, but it had also once brought her to Norman. She had no idea where he would lead her this time, or if this was it and he was finally running away.

She lost sight of him in Central Park. She was a fast runner, but cats were quicker and more agile than humans by far, and eventually he’d disappeared behind a stand of trees. She’d shouted after him, heartbroken, but for the moment he’d disappeared. Desperate to find her only friend, Aradia had slowed, panting, but continued her search, trying to slow the heaving of her lungs and the beating of her heart. She couldn’t lose him now – she’d either find him today, or he’d wander back later. He loved her, right? She needed him to love her. Without him, she had no one. He knew this. A small flash of anger lit in her chest, and she began calling him once again. “Grimm?! Where are you? I don’t want to play your game today! Grimm!

bastian & mira. 786 words. caaaaaaats. hope this is okay! Wrote it at like 2am so it’s questionable. idk what titles are.

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Thank you Mira for this amazing siggy!
bastian binx cross
 Posted: Oct 4 2015, 01:11 PM
videnda (n.) "what is to be observed": the things that should be seen or visited, especially if because they mark the character of a person or place
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the cat

two roads intersected
in a yellow wood
Ever since Cadi had been in charge of the shop some days, Bastian had been allowed to wander around the city. The city that was rather too large for him most of the time. While he could honestly say that the thriving metropolis of New York City was far too big for a small feline like him to truly appreciate, he could admit that the city had a whole slew of things to do. He had a few patrons that would tell him about things, but most of the time everything was common knowledge or he would hear tell from his customers. Sometimes he would just need to get out, there wouldn't even need to be an event. And if New York City had something that his previous homes never did then it was all the sights in the world to see. Including Central Park. So that was where he was at the moment, walking through the park and feeling the crisp air all around him. He was a feline through and through, he understood the beauty of lazing about and taking all the people-watching time he could. But nothing allowed for people watching quite like moving around yourself. and to the end Central Park was the greatest thing since sliced bread.

When he was falling in step behind a sweet older couple he couldn't help but think of Maren. Of their times together and how long ago it had seemed. He watched as the wrinkled hands linked together, holding one another - and he sighed a little inwardly. He could not have that with her. Not now. Maybe one day when she could emerge from her odd prison that locked her away with magic. But right now? Right now she was within another world that he could only communicate with her through magic and writing. A book, somehow she had managed to get trapped within the confines of a book. He didn't know how to get her out and the only time that he tried she had been hurt. Sending him a message saying that he had injured her in his pursuit to release her. So he had not tried again. The older couple turned left and to avoid any more dark thoughts he turned right. The book in his pocket, the book that Maren was within, weighed down a bit more from within his jacket pocket.

He idly watched the children running through the leaves. The people getting candied apples from vendors. Some sitting down for picnics or book reading or just talking. An older lady tossing bread and seed to pigeons around her little bench. Photographers capturing the glow of the day. Scarves trailing in the wind as people rode bikes. Frisbee's of all colors flying through the sky. Bastian felt the desire for candy corn, like he always did in this season. He remembered Halloween was coming up. He would have to call upon Dyann's expertise for his costume. The Caterpillar from the beloved literature Alice in Wonderland - a lovely costume for a man that intended to give away taffy and toss little smoke bombs into the air that would magically transform themselves into little images much like the smoke that the Caterpillar had from the pages of Caroll's book. And, of course, all the candy corn flavored taffy he could consume.

He was a glutton for it in all of it's forms honestly, he couldn't help himself.

But he was pulled from his thoughts as a cat brushed against his leg with friendliness and familiarity. He smiled down at the fellow feline creature and squatted down in order to pet it. He had a few alleycats behind his shop that he gave food and milk to. If anyone understood the plight of a wayward cat without a home then it was him. He had spent a great deal of his life as nothing more than a mangy orphan without anywhere to call his own. The Pink Palace couldn't even really be called home until Coraline showed up. But as he scratched behind the ear of his delightful cat, he realized that it wasn't wayward at all. It did in fact have a home and an owner, he was almost certain of it.

And when he heard a name being called with great concern he wondered if that was in fact this cat's name. Not that cats had names, but the humans that normally owned them like to give them one anyway. So Bastian looked to the cat as it's ears perked to the name and he tilted his head slightly upon asking.

"Is that your human? Is that what she calls you?"

Two bright eyes blinked at him and he smiled a little, standing up and looking around for the source of the voice. When he saw a pale girl and her cascade of dark hair close enough that she had to be the person calling out for her cat, he spoke loudly enough in her direction so that she heard him.

"I think I found the feline you're looking for young miss!"

He didn't 'find' anything, but humans like to think they were in control of their felines. Bastian winked down at the cat just so it understood he knew full well a cat only becomes 'found' when it wants to, and it purred at him and rubbed against his leg again.

tag - ara - notes: kitty kat breathren
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