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 beirne, jay alan, 19 - winnie the pooh - ed sheeran
jay alan beirne
 Posted: Dec 10 2014, 08:49 PM
If the person you are talking to doesn't appear to be listening, be patient. It may simply be that he has a small piece of fluff in his ear.
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Winnie the Pooh

jay alan beirne
"Goodbye? Oh, no, please. Can’t we just go back to page one and start all over again?"
nineteen – winnie the pooh – ed sheeran - hero

freestyle application

Deep in the Hundred Acre Wood…

The Hundred Acre Wood! Yes, it’s a very nice place. That’s where I live, you know. That’s where all my friends live, Christopher Robin, Piglet, Tigger – oh, I suppose I will get to them later. We were talking about my home, weren’t we? There are, of course, some not quite so nice parts of the Hundred Acre Wood. When the nights falls, the Wood can get rather frightening and one can get lost terribly easy. That happened to me once…or was it twice? Oh, bother…I can’t seem to remember that part. Ah, well. What I mean to say, though, is that the Hundred Acre Wood is a wonderful place to live and I love it…well, except for those not so pleasant parts of it.

Where Christopher Robin plays…

Christopher Robin, oh, Christopher Robin! I love all my friends, you see, but I think I love him the mostest. If I remember properly, I may have said that Christopher Robin lived in the Hundred Acre Wood. Well, that’s not completely true. He lives in a place that’s even more wonderful than our pleasant little Wood we talked about earlier. I would like to visit there someday, but not for too long, I think. I would miss the Hundred Acre Wood too much. Christopher Robin is the one that we go to whenever we need…well, anything really. Why, we would all be lost without him!

A donkey named Eeyore is his friend…

Oh, Eeyore is a very dear friend of mine – er, well, everyone’s, really. He does take a little getting used to, I suppose. You see, he seems to always be a little on the sad side. It’s not his fault, though! The poor fellow is made of sawdust and his tail is forever falling out. It’s a little hard for him to feel like himself when he’s missing a part.

…and Kanga and little Roo…

Kanga is a very nice lady. She is always more than happy to give me a spot of honey when my tummy won’t quiet down. Kanga is so good at so many things, why, she might even be better than Christopher Robin at some! Well…perhaps not. I’m not so sure about that now. It’s all the same, though. She’s so pleasant – oh! And did I mention her supply of honey?

Roo is Kanga’s son and, goodness, he has so much energy that I feel the need to have a little smackeral for the energy just by being around him. He’s very nice, though – just like his mother!

There’s Rabbit…

Rabbit is a bit high strung, I’m afraid. He likes things to be exactly right. I don’t quite understand why or how…but he is very good at putting things in order and does not like things to be out of order. He has the most wonderful garden at the back of his house, but best of all, Rabbit is always up for sharing a bit of honey with a very hungry bear.

…and Piglet…

Piglet is my friendsiest of friends in the Wood. He is a very small animal and he is very afraid of so many things, but don’t be tricked! Piglet may be a very small animal, but he has a heart the size of an animal twice his size! He doesn’t have too much honey too often in his house, but his company is worth the lack of honey, if you ask me. Piglet is often the one that will join me on my walks, whenever that may be, which is always nice.

And there’s Owl…

Oh, bother, I find Owl so very confusing most of the time. For, I am a bear of very little brain and he is an owl of…very large brain. He is very smart and I often go to him when things are just a little too confusing for a bear such as me. Of course, sometimes he will just make the confusion bigger. Another wonderful thing about Owl is that he always is good for a spot of honey – of course, I will always get roped into him talking about one family member or another and I can’t help but drift off.

Hmm…I have a feeling I’m forgetting someone…who might it be?

Think, think, think. Think, think, think.

Oh, yes, I remember now! Tigger and Gopher, how could I forget them?

Gopher is a bit of a strange one, but I like him all the same. He always seems to be digging and no one really knows what he is digging for. He’s digging, digging, always digging. I feel the need to have a spot of lunch every time I see him working so hard. Sometimes his digging does cause a bit of trouble. Why, one time, he dug through everyone’s homes and…well, we don’t like to talk about that too much, I suppose.

And Tigger? Why, there’s no one quite like him living in the Hundred Acre Wood, I have to say. He has even more energy than little Roo and that’s really saying something. His favorite thing in the world is to bounce and he will bounce anything and everything, including bears stuffed with fluff. Also, according to him, Tiggers are very good at so many things, it makes a particular Pooh a little awestruck.

But most of all Winnie the Pooh!

Or at least…that’s how it used to be. Things are rather much different nowadays, I’m afraid. It was a day just like any other when that awful Darkness fell. I thought that perhaps the sun was sleeping a little more than usual. When I tried to wake it up, though, there were awful monsters that attacked! No amount of honey or pleasant words seemed to make them happy.

They were so frightening, though, it was all I could do to run away! Thankfully, I ran into a nice group of people that led me to safety, or so it seemed. They led me to a place that was much like that one that Christopher Robin spoke about so often…although, it wasn’t nearly as nice as I’d imagined.

character connections


“Jay” means to rejoice. The sound of it mixed with the meaning just seemed to fit for Pooh. Alan, his middle name, was the first name of AA Milne, the author and creator of Winnie the Pooh. Lastly, Beirne is Irish for bear and I just had to fit a bear based name somewhere in there.


In the story, Pooh Bear is only a year younger than Christopher Robin. Over the course of the story, in the books and the movies, Christopher Robin was five and six, which would make Pooh Bear four or five. Because of this, I wanted to make him as young as possible. I didn’t think Ed Sheeran could pass as an eighteen year old, so I went with nineteen.


I honestly can’t picture Jay with a job right now, so for the time being, I’m going to keep him unemployed.


This just made sense to me for Pooh’s body to not be able to change in the real world. In the animated world, Pooh’s body would sometimes pop open and the fluff would come out, but all he would have to do would be to just sew himself back up. I’m imagining that he could do the same kind of thing in the real world.


I honestly had quite a time of picking out a face for Pooh Bear. My first choices were James Corden or Adam Devine, but James was far too old for how I pictured the character and Adam just didn’t have enough graphics for me to pick him. So, I tried looking for someone with a round a face, which was how I stumbled upon Ed Sheeran. At first, I thought that I was just settling, but the more I look at him, the more I like him as Pooh Bear!

about RILY !
Winnie the Pooh has always been a very, very special character to me. I have been wanting to make him for a long time now, but the muse never really hit me right until now!

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Plotter: lover of the light

spiffy details !

Winnie the Pooh


October 14


Asexual, I guess?




Being a stuffed bear, he is stuck in the state that he is in. He is able to be harmed and feel pain, but it is quick to heal.

jay alan beirne
 Posted: Dec 12 2014, 12:25 PM
If the person you are talking to doesn't appear to be listening, be patient. It may simply be that he has a small piece of fluff in his ear.
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Winnie the Pooh

This guy is done! <3
 Posted: Dec 12 2014, 04:35 PM
Haaai I'm Sam, and I love you a whole lot. Feel free to come ask me anything or plot whatever you want! I promise I don't bite <3
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welcome to derp! you are super snazzy and we're absolutely thrilled that you've decided to join our family. now, it's time for you to lay claim to your name and face and all that good stuff. don't forget! it's super, super important.

- face claim . canon list . who's who -

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