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 NORTH, peter alden, 18, peter pan, josh hutcherson
peter alden north
 Posted: Jul 21 2012, 10:01 PM
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Peter Pan

peter alden north
"here we go! off to neverland!"
eighteen - peter pan - josh hutcherson - hero

freestyle application

There was one common question among the Lost Boys once they got settled in to their new home in the Hanging Tree. It would take them a bit to get to it because there was simply so much to see and so many questions about the land, the creatures within, the pirates (though I suppose we can count them as creatures, yeah?), survival, basically anything that came to their minds. But, eventually, it would come to them, and they’d ask, looking up at me adoringly, their eyes wide with awe, “What about your parents, Peter? Did you have parents?”

Sure, maybe I did. After all, everyone has to have parents, right? I’ve been told they’re necessary to existence. Most people don’t pop out of the ground like daisies and just start walking around making friends and growing up and stuff. But there isn’t a “before Neverland” in my mind. At least, not anymore. Everything before I got here has gone fuzzy, and has become twisted by time and warped by my imagination and dreams…or nightmares, depending on what was happening. I’ve seen snatches of a red-haired woman in my mind, though whether she means anything or was just someone I saw on the street during one of my visits to the Darling residence isn’t clear. The only father I ever see is in my dreams, and, when I wake, I can’t remember his face. I like to think that if I had parents, they’d be just as wonderful as me. They’d have to be. After all, I’m amazing. But I guess it doesn’t really matter anyway; no matter what they were like, they would have tried to make me go to school, learn, work in an office, get married. I wasn’t about to do that. That’s why I’m here, in Neverland, where I’ll always be a boy. So I just tell them, “No. They would have just made me grow up, and I’ll never do that.”

* * * * * * * * * *

I guess it was the fact that Wendy loved to tell stories about me that drew me to her window. I hadn't really spoken to her yet, but I'd heard the way she spoke of me, and she seemed to be the authority on, well, me. I don't really mind that. And when the dog in the hat stole my shadow...well, I had to go back and get it. I guess Tink and I were being a bit loud because Wendy woke up. I guess that's where our adventure together started. I taught them to fly, much to Tink's apparent chagrin, and off we went, straight to Neverland. It's great fun being a hero to people, though I suppose it's also a full-time job. I'm a full-time hero to the Lost Boys, and I got the double shift when Wendy and her brothers joined us. I showed them everything; the pirates, the mermaids, the natives, fairies, crocodiles...they seemed to love every moment of it. Michael and John fit right in with the Lost Boys, and Wendy acted as a mother to all of them. It was so perfect...

It could never last, of course. Adults, pirates and parents alike, always have to mess everything up. Wendy started, I don't know, missing home and her parents and dog or something. I don't know how you could ever miss growing up when you have an entire world sitting in front of you, bright and beautiful as Neverland. But I guess girls can manage that sort of stuff. Pretty soon she had all my Lost Boys dreaming of parents, and they all wanted to go back to "the real world". Fine. Let them go, I said to myself. They can go grow up. But I won't follow.

Enter Hook. Tall, dark, and quite the opposite of handsome in my opinion (if attractiveness is graded on a scale from a slug to me, he's somewhere around "codfish", which isn't very far from slug, I suppose). My nemesis. He tried to force my crew to join his crew, saying that if they didn't sign on, he'd make them walk the plank. Unlike me, my Lost Boys are sort of...stuck on the ground. So walking the plank was never going to end very well. I wasn't about to let anything bad happen to them because of some dumb pirates. They're my Lost Boys after all, and if anyone's going to make them walk the plank, it's me. Besides, I wouldn't do that. Not for real. So in I flew in to save my crew. A great battle ensued!...Or that's how I like to remember it. It was my sword, cleverness, and speed against Hook's...sword and hook. (The poor man doesn't have much going for him, does he? No brains, he's skinny as a stick bug, he's rather ugly, and, to top it all off, he's terrified of a poor, innocent little crocodile.) We fought, and, honestly, I'd been hoping for more of a challenge. He's a coward, really, so I won quite easily. I could have tied one hand behind my back and I still would have won. But, of course, after throwing Hook to that adorable little crocodile who's always wanted to eat him right up, Wendy still hadn't changed her I took her home.

I can't say I don't miss her sometimes. Don't tell her I said that. But the Lost Boys liked her, and it was fun to show her all over the island, though I must say she didn't seem very fond of the mermaids. Or the natives. Dunno why. Must be a girl thing. Still, things were different after she left, and I still can't decide whether it was for worse or better.

* * * * * * * * * *

The darkness advanced on the animated world so fast. Time was different in Neverland, so maybe the darkness was actually excruciatingly slow to overtake the world. Either way, I could see it coming from my place in the stars, and I could hardly believe it. Slowly, piece by piece, the animated world was being taken apart. It terrified me. I flew down to the rest of the world, just to see what was going on, and it was utter chaos. People were running, collecting their families, hurrying from the world that was dissolving around them and slipping into shadow. I couldn't find Wendy, though I checked her house. They must have gotten away before I made it there. Or, I hoped they got away. Some people who got too close to the darkness were being swallowed up by it, and I didn't want that to happen to my old friends.

I didn't want to be taken by the darkness either, but, looking at the world around me, my Neverland...I'd never known anything else. Flying with fairies, swimming with mermaids, battling the pirates, dancing with the natives...what was I supposed to do without this world full of such wonderful things? What would I find if I followed my fellow animated people? There was no way for me to know. I don't think anyone knew. But seeing that darkness coming...well, I guess I was scared. Maybe. I gathered up what I could, sword, pan pipes, and stuffed a leather pouch with fairy dust--just in case I should get separated from Tinkerbell--and I followed them. I ran. I'm ashamed of it. I'm no coward. But I didn't know what to do. I followed the other fleeing people...and I took a step through the portal...

* * * * * * * * * *

The first thing I remember is total disorientation. I didn't know where I was, how to face the world that suddenly seemed to be rushing at and around me...there were so many things I had never seen before. Not up close, at least. Cars flying by, a whole bunch of screens attached to buildings, more people than I'd ever seen in one place. Nothing about this world was beautiful. Edges were hard and sharp, everything seemed dirty and dark, I couldn't see a smiling face anywhere, and I felt...lost. Totally utterly lost. This place was nothing like Neverland. Neverland was so warm and welcoming, green and leafy. I saw only a few potted plants struggling for life here. It wasn't until I had sort of...gotten my bearings, I guess, that I realized...I wasn't myself either. I was...grown up.

I'm not bad looking now, might I say. There's nothing wrong with me. I'm actually pretty fond of the way I look, what with my sculpted jaw and puppy-dog eyes. My hair isn't really red anymore, it's more the color of tree bark after rain, and I can make it stick up a bit in the front, which I think looks awesome. I'm rather dashing, if I do say so myself. But that's not the problem. The problem is that I'm old. I feel bulky and awkward, too large compared to what I was, and more muscular. I try to get through spaces I would have made it through before, and I get stuck, then have to find a different way around. I don't know what to do with all my muscle...Ha. Never thought I'd say that.

* * * * * * * * * *

I don't really know what to do with myself. There's so many things in this world that I simply don't understand. For one, how to survive, really. I've been borrowing things for keeps to keep myself alive, and I've been spending the nights in a tree in a big green space called "Central Park". Classy, I know. But I guess it reminds me of home. I lived in the Hangman's Tree in Neverland, so this is just a different...less comfortable...less comforting...tree. But a tree nonetheless! Other than that, nothing's familiar. I don't know where exactly I am, though I've heard whispers of "New York". But where's that in relation to Neverland? Where are the other animated people? Hook? Tinkerbell? Wendy? What am I supposed to do with myself? It feels like time is rushing by me, trying to leave me behind, as though opening my eyes makes the sky darken and the moon come out. Like some sort of lag.

The sky seems to be mocking me during the night. The city lights are too bright, and it dims the stars. Those little dots up in the sky. I guess it makes me feel a bit sad, knowing that that second star to the right isn't Neverland. Maybe that sadness is why I can't fly...My sword, which I'd kept by my side as I entered the portal, has turned into a switchblade. My panpipes became a sort of wooden whistle with holes in it. And my pouch of fairy dust has become a bag of...glitter. Useless, sparkly glitter. I know it's useless because I tried using it. Might I point out that the ground is harder here too, especially when you fall from, say, five feet up, directly onto your arm. Oh, don't worry, nothing's broken, but it sure did hurt.

So basically I can't fly, I don't know how to survive here, and the only things I have to aid me are a four inch switchblade, a wooden whistle I don't know how to play, and a bag of utterly useless glitter. Brilliant. Wonderful. Fantastic.

* * * * * * * * * *

Well this'll be one adventure I'll never forget.

character connections

    I figured it would be best to stick with the name Peter as it helps members identify him, it isn't uncommon in the real world, and I just like it. For his middle and last names, I decided to make his initials PAN, which left me needing an A and an N name. His middle name, Alden, means "old friend". Peter Pan can be considered an old friend to those he has visited, so this seems to fit nicely. His last name, North, came from thinking about directions and compasses, and how Neverland could be on a star in the North.
    Besides the fact that I just adore Josh Hutcherson, I thought he worked quite nicely for the part of Peter. He is a playful sort of person, as I've seen in interviews, and he has a very large smile. He's young, so I can pass him for an 18-year-old, and he's just plain adorable.
    Is professional nuisance an option? Because Peter is definitely that. Currently, he's unemployed because he's never had to work a day in his life and doesn't really know He could probably get into acting, but he'd need someone to introduce him to it. He does love his impersonations, so it could work out well! Only trouble is he doesn't take anything seriously. So that might be a bit of a problem...
    Because Peter's only just gotten through the portal, he hasn't changed a whole lot. He is, however, noticeably more lost, more angry and frustrated, and frequently just doesn't know what to do with himself. The biggest problem he's facing is the fact that he's suddenly all grown up. Which means things are going to be kind of different in his mind. Despite all this, he's still going to be a bit conceited, very childish, and he won't be able to take many things seriously until he's in over his head (like being arrested for stealing or something). He may act all independent, but he's really wishing he knew someone. He really wants to find Wendy and Tinkerbell because he knows they both went through the portal.
    As far as his history goes, it hasn't changed much. He remembers a lot about Neverland and the way things were there, and he's finding it really hard to cope with suddenly being shoved into a big city. Some memories are slowly fading, and these are mostly little moments he had with the inhabitants of the island. The layout and the things he did daily remain because he was there for soooooooo long before stepping through the portal. Later on, if he doesn't visit the animated world, he may start to get different ideas about his past, which will throw him into further downward spirals of confusion.

about forest !
Hey there! I'm Forest. Aged 17 years with about 7 years of experience in the role playing world. Pacific time zone. I can be reached most easily through PM or YIM, which I will give out through PM. I've been floating around the internet looking for a place to play Peter for quite some time now, and I'm delighted to have found a place! I come from Proboards, so please pardon how pathetic I am at this type of coding. >___> I use way too many smileys, and I often get over-excited and forget to turn off caps lock. Don't mind me, I'm insane. xD
spiffy details !
movie: Peter Pan

birthday: Unknown, really, but he'd probably pick March 1st

sexuality: Heterosexual

nickname(s): Pan, Pete

powers/abilities: Flying, causing trouble, fencing, impersonations.

 Posted: Jul 22 2012, 07:28 PM
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welcome to derp! you are super snazzy and we're absolutely thrilled that you've decided to join our family. now, it's time for you to lay claim to your name and face and all that good stuff. don't forget! it's super, super important.

- face claim . canon list . who's who -


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