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 CARNAGE, tag: open
sierra tzila saraf
 Posted: Jul 16 2015, 11:29 AM
You think you can take me? Well, come on in boys. Give it a shot.
Sam IS Offline

give me something good to eat
There was nothing she could imagine that equaled the sensation that came with being her true self again. To discard the frailties of her human form for the sheer muscle strength and physical power of who she really was. It was better than winning a fight, more exhilarating then the feel of hot blood splashing against her face. She could almost liken it to being trapped in a tiny space for a very long time, and finally being allowed to walk out and stretch her legs. Like instead of changing her into a person, the portal just trapped her inside of this tiny body. It was for this reason that her crossings happened nearly everyday. She needed the frequent trips back into herself in order to keep her sanity. More often then not spending days across the portal if she had nothing better to do in the city. Some days she even considered not returning at all. Even with the animated world in chaos and the threat of the Darkness looming over all the lands, each trip was a reminder of how vastly different her two worlds were.

Sure there were things she could appreciate about being human. In fact crossing over had given her a concept of beauty she hadn't had before. She'd come to realize that the barren wastelands and thick foliage of those areas she frequented were more aesthetically pleasing to her then the cold steel of New York. Her mind worked differently now and it wasn't unusual that she found herself admiring her own reflection in a pool of water. Conscious of her own appearance for the first time since she'd been born. It had never occurred to her to look at herself, but now that she did she found it a pleasant sight. Strong, vicious, her horns as magnificent as she always felt they were. Aside from that she thought critically, planned, and was actually aware of her surroundings on a different level then she'd ever been before. Not just in the basic aspects of the senses, but also in how it might best benefit her.

There were of course dangers here, ones she hadn't really bothered to care about. Only now she found herself growing more vigilant at least in regards to the sky. Where there were beasts larger then her who might think she was an easy target if caught unawares. For the most part, barring the dragons that she rarely found herself coming in contact with, most of the monsters tainted by the Darkness were smaller then her. Larger perhaps then whatever they might have been originally, but certainly a lot smaller then many of the creatures she remembered in the large herds she followed.

Her meal for this evening certainly hadn't been much of a threat; coming barely up to her thighs.

It was a desert creature, lacking in fur...but then she was used to that, and actually preferred it. Its fangs and claws were sharp, body sleek for slipping over and under the sand like a snake. A trait that hadn't helped it much when it made the mistake of bursting out at her as though it actually stood some sort of a chance. Now the golden sands of the desert were stained with its blood and she'd curled up by the remains of her kill with a contented noise. Full, for the time being, and as always extremely happy about it.

Perhaps that was why she didn't immediately attack the one who approached.

After all it wasn't uncommon for her kind to allow scavengers to pick at their meals why they sat close by digesting. A process that left them sluggish and watchful, rather then starved and dangerous. Head tilting, she watched with mild curiosity, a low gutteral sound her only warning to them to keep their distance. Approaching the carcass in front of her was one thing, but coming towards her? That was not something she'd allow anytime soon. "Keep back." Her voice in this form was unused and it sounded the part. She hadn't even realized she could talk until she'd been a human, then she'd crossed over and found that words...if a bit harder to speak, were still possible.

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