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 FRIEDMANN, olaf tannon, 26, olaf, jay baruchel
olaf tannon friedmann
 Posted: Feb 20 2014, 10:19 PM
Hi! I'm Olaf, and I love warm hugs. I'm a snowman too! Whoops, I don't think I'm supposed to tell you that. Well, that's okay, you just can't tell anyone, okay? I love love too! In fact, I love everyone I meet. Do you want to be my friend?
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olaf tannon friedmann
”hi i’m olaf and i like warm hugs!"
twentysix - olaf - jay baruchel - lad

freestyle application

do you wanna build a snowman?

”Hi I’m Olaf, and I like warm hugs!”

”I love you Olaf!”

“The first time I was made, I wasn’t alive. I was just a pile of snow shoveled together by two young sisters who loved each other. I know, I could feel it. They snuck around and played in the snow- and they made me. And they loved me. They held me, they played with me. They were so sweet, so caring. Together they ran around and jumped into piles of snow. I don’t know how I can remember that- not really. Why is it important, anyways? Except for the love part. That was incredibly important, because that is how I knew they loved me no matter what. I didn’t expect to see them again after that night. I thought I would be a forgotten snowman, just like all the others. But I wasn’t. I was loved.”

"It made me me too, you know? They gave me my personality, they made me world. And I love them for it. Though maybe this part was made up. It always felt like a bit of a dream."

let it go

"The next time I saw the girls, they were older. Like, a lot older. I didn't even recognize Elsa! Not with her fancy dress and magical powers. I hadn't seen them in a long, long time. Not that I had seen anything in a long time either way."

"Elsa didn't take me with me to where ever she went. I think she went higher up the mountain. I stayed down, though. She gave me life! Could you believe it? It was amazing! It was like magic! Wait, it was magic."

"I spend a little while wandering around. What else was I gonna do? I had to see the world for myself! So I did. I saw tall trees and beautiful ice and everything else I could. And one thing I knew for certain- I loved the idea of summer! I just wanted to spend my time out and about in the world! I didn't need anyone else because all I needed was to see the world."

in summer

"I met Anna soon after. She was with this guy, Sven, and this reindeer, Sven. Apparently the guy was actually named Kristoff, so I'm not sure why she said his name was Sven. There has to be something wrong in that girl's mind."

"Anyways, the first thing she did was kick me! I was only trying to tell her about how beautiful winter is! It is, too. Have you ever been in a forest in winter? It’s amazing. But I still think summer is probably better. Nothing is better than summer. I told them that. But that comes later. I was telling her about the snow, about how I loved it. But it needed more color. Just not yellow! Yellow in snow? No go. Definitely no go. You know what that means? I don’t even want to tell you what that means. Just know it’s gross, man. So I come up to her saying it could use some crimson and she screams and kicks my head off! It’s a good thing it’s detachable, right? Not in the world, though, only as a snowman. Being a human really sucks, you know. No detachable head or the ability to sled on your stomach or anything. It’s a real pain.”

“I don’t think I’m creepy either. I’m just a snowman! I’m cute or something. That’s what kids say. Anna loved me too! Maybe she just wasn’t used to me yet. They toss my head around a few time- and flip my world upside down- before they let me talk again. It was certainly nice, I was grateful they still let me talk to them! And then you know what happened? You have to guess! … No guesses? Okay.”

“Anna gave me a nose! She stuck a carrot through my face and gave me the cutest little baby unicorn nose around! It was such a headrush and I was so incredibly happy! I had always wanted a nose, ever since I was born. Then she pushed it a bit more and I loved it even more! I could see it between my eyes if I focused enough and it was amazing! It was everything I had ever wanted out of my life. I don’t care how short it had been, it was a dream come true.”

“I finally reintroduced myself after that. I’m Olaf, and I like warm hugs! That’s all you need to know about me. Anna got really confused though. Like she knew me. I mean I know now that she did know me, but then I didn’t remember. She helped first make me! But I didn’t know her then. Then they introduced themselves for the first time even though I said their names earlier. I loved them already! Especially the reindeer. He tried to bite my nose, isn’t that the cutest? It was so sweet, I just knew he and I were going to be the best of friends!”

“Anna wanted to know if Elsa built me, but I didn’t know why that was important. I still don’t. And Kristoff or Sven took my arm! How rude! You don’t just take a snowman’s arm without asking. He wasn’t very good at focusing. Anyways, Anna wanted to know if I knew where Elsa was. Of course I did! She made me! I watched as she made a beautiful tower and snowflakes… It was lovely. Really, truly, lovely. And fun!"

"They wanted me to take them to Elsa! Can you believe it? They wanted her to bring back summer. And I just love the idea of summer! I never knew why, but I just did! I wanted sun, and warm, and heat... Kristoff acted like I was crazy, but I think he was just jealous. After all, not everyone can love like I can! Love is nearly my specialty. So I told them about my dreams of summer; watching bees fly by and children blowing dandelions and I'd do whatever snow does in summer! What does it do, anyways? Nobody ever told me. Kristoff brought something up... But he never finished it. Oh well, it's not that important! I just wanted to sit in hot tubs and rest on the beach and have the time of my life! I'd go swimming and tan and dance and find other snowmen to be friends with! And my new friends would be with me too! We'd do whatever snow does in summer..."

"But no matter what, if you put me in summer, I'd be a happy snowman! I'd let off steam and, most importantly, keep my dreams close to me! That's always important. Right away I knew I had to take my friends to Elsa! Then I would finally see summer and could finally have my dreams come true!"

"I led them on their way and listened to them talk about all sorts of things. I always thought Elsa was so nice- after all, she made me! I was so distracted talking about her that I impaled myself, actually! It was so silly. I've done it a few times before. It doesn't hurt or anything. It's just a rush of feelings! So weird. We walked a bit further before running into a huge cliff! Anna and Kristoff had no idea how we were going to climb it, but they didn't notice the pathway right next to it! It was so pretty- a beautiful staircase up to the large castle that Elsa built!"

for the first time in forever

"By the time I brought up the path Anna was already trying to climb! She didn't make it very high though. She jumped and Kristoff caught her! It was cool. I was so happy I managed to find the staircase, it was so useful. I was running up in in a matter of seconds. I just couldn't wait to see Elsa! I told Anna to knock, but she kept not doing it! I was worried she may have not even known how to knock! She did, though. I wonder why she took so long? Weirdddd."

"Anna made Kristoff wait outside, and then she made me wait too! But only for a minute, so I counted the entire time! The moment it was up I ran inside as fast as I could! I just couldn't wait to see Elsa. Oh how I love Elsa! She's the best. After all, she made me! She had to be nice and kind and loving."

"When I ran inside Anna was hurt! She was holding her chest and it didn't look okay... But Elsa was there! She made this hugeee creature that threw us away! It was made of snow just like me. I ended up in pieces, which wasn't good. And Anna threw a snowball at the creature and made it angry. I promised to distract him, but my body ran off without me! I couldn't believe it! How could I distract it without it?"

"My body came back a moment later and I hurried after the creature and my friends. I had to save them! I was in the wrong order but I made it to the cliff edge but I couldn't find Anna or Kristoff or Sven! I fixed myself and tried to stop the creature by grabbing its foot, but it didn't work nearly as well as I wanted it too. I was too small! It kicked me off the cliff and I fell down in pieces. I lost myself for a few minutes, I was too tired."

"But I couldn't feel my legs! It was terrible! Until Kristoff got up and said they were his... He caught my legs, though! And stuck my butt right back on me. I hugged Sven and was so happy we were all back together again! Kristoff hurt his head and I told my friends I didn't have a skull. Or bones, for that matter. Do you know how weird those are to have? It just isn't natural! You can't move nearly as freely with them attached. We didn't know what to do then! Elsa didn't want to see us..."

"Anna's hair started turning white! Kristoff said it didn't look bad, but he hesitated. Then he took us to the love experts. I think I'm a love expert, though. I was made out of love! The two little girls loved me more than anything else. Anyways, I took a nap on Sven for a little bit while we moved. It wasn't very snowy in the place we went to, but Anna was still cold. It was a bit worrisome. I just sat and watched the sky, which was so incredibly beautiful..."

fixer upper

"The thing was... Kristoff took us to a bunch of rocks. I told Anna he was crazy! I told her to run, I'd distract him! I love her, and I didn't want her to get hurt! So I told her to run. I hugged the rocks and talked to them for a few minutes, and she didn't start to leave until a few moments later. But the rocks started to move! Then they turned into these little people things. They were so happy that Kristoff was home! That's when I learned his real name, just so you know. I've been calling him Kristoff but when it was happening I still thought he was Sven. They were never good with names..."

"The rocks were so happy to see Kristoff! They were showing him odd things and taking care of him... It was so sweet! He wanted to see some guy, but I was too busy playing with some of the trolls to pay attention. Until they were excited to see Anna. I didn't know why they were. I mean, I was when I first saw her because she was my Anna! She was so nice and she was going to be my friend! The trolls started playing with her and talking like something was happening... Like they wanted her to marry him or something?"

"I didn't understand it at all. They said he was fixer upper... But I just danced with my new little friends! They were so nice! I think this is when I knew he really cared about her. But they were a bit odd. Because to fix a fixer upper you need true love! That's something I knew. Because I was made by love."

"This old troll showed up and he told us things. Well, he told Anna things. Then we were back off on an adventure! We were going to kiss Hans! I had no idea who Hans was, though. Not until later. He had a funny name. Anyways, we were off!"


"Soon we were in Arendelle. I got to ride on my stomach, it was so fun! So fast too! But then I ended up on the wrong side and going down the wrong hill. I told my friends I'd meet them at the castle as I slid into town! Kristoff told me to stay out of sight and I said I would! But I didn't. It's hard to control yourself while sledding, you know? Really hard. The woman screamed as a passed her... But some of the kids thought I was fun!"

"It took me a few minutes to get to the castle. Plus I had to sneak around in order to stay safe! People around thought I was strange so I couldn't let anyone see me. But soon enough I was there, looking through doors and windows until I could find Anna! The room was locked, but I got it open with a few twists and turns of my nose. Anna was on the floor- she was dying! She was so cold, and her hair was so white. It was terrible. And the castle was freezing around us."

"I hurried to make her a fire, I needed to warm her up! I had to keep Anna safe. I couldn't believe it- the heat was amazing. So bright and warm... But painful to touch! I carried Anna over and asked her what happened. Hans had lied! He didn't love her! She told me to leave, but I wouldn't. Not until we found a way to save her, because I loved her. She didn't know what to do, though. I mentioned that I knew what it was. It's putting someone else's needs before your own, just like Kristoff did to get Anna to safety! It was so sweet of him..."

"I didn't know Anna didn't know Kristoff loved her! It was so obvious. He was so nice to her. Of course, I am a love expert, so of course I knew. She didn't though... I started to melt, but I wouldn't leave."

"Some people are worth melting for."

"The window opened and I saw Kristoff and Sven in my attempt to close it. They were coming back! It was so odd that he didn't love her enough to leave her. But Anna still said we had to go, we had to move. I wanted to keep her warm, but she said we needed to get to Kristoff. I didn't know why, but then it hit me! He was coming back to save her!"

"We ran as fast as we could, but there was ice everywhere! We were going to be stuck in the castle, and Anna was going to die. I couldn't let that happen! I pushed open a window and pushed her down to slide away. We needed to get across the water as quickly as possible! Even with the snow covering me we ran faster than I had ever seen anyone ride before."

"We started crossing the water, but I couldn't. The wind was too strong, and it blew me away. All I could do was hope that Anna would make it across..."

the portal

"I flew for a long time. For ages almost! I couldn't even get myself together. The wind kept blowing me and hitting me into things! It was definitely not fun. Soon enough I crossed this Portal thing. It was so crazy! Next thing I knew I was on the ground in pain..."

new york

"I ended up in this thing called a hospital. It's where sick people go. They had to bandage me up because I was all cut from the ground I landed on. The weirdest thing? I was a human, just like Anna and Kristoff. I couldn't take myself apart or anything. Then these people showed up and brought me to the Complex. Told me that I was in a new world in a place called New York. They took me in and gave me a place to stay while I got better. In fact, I still stay there now! They told me everything I needed to know. Especially about how to be a human because I had never done that before."

"I've been in New York since all that happened. I live in the Complex and I just hope I can find my friends soon! They wanted me to pick a new name but I didn't want to change it because Anna and Elsa named me so I couldn't. It was a gift from them."

"The Complex people wanted me to get a job, but I think jobs are silly. I think Kristoff had a job with ice, but I'm not sure. I think he brought it up once or twice. Anyways, I got one. I work with water just like I love! It's called an ice rink and people skate on the ice there. I help run the counter and clean the ice and sometimes help people learn to skate. It all depends on the day. And sometimes I see true love in action, just like with Anna and Kristoff."

"I like New York, though. It's a nice place. And yeah, that's my story. I hope you like it!"

character connections

Name: So I figured Olaf would keep his name because it was given to him by the girls that created him multiple times throughout his life. No matter how dated it is, he loves his name! Tannon means pine tree, and seeing as he’s a snowman and spends times outside, there are bound to be trees! Plus those are what the trees in the movie looked like to me, kinda. Friedmann means ‘peace’ and ‘friend’ or ‘follower’. Olaf was the one that really helped to bring the sisters back together, so he kind of was the ‘peace friend’. There is a whole scene with Elsa seeing him and changing, just for a moment.

Playby: I wanted someone kind of lanky and awkward looking. Step gave me Jay Baruchel and I fell in love! He’s exactly what Olaf needs to be! Fun and slightly odd and just hilarious. His glasses fit well with Olaf’s eyes and he’s really skinny as well.

Birthday: So Olaf loves summer, right? Why wouldn’t his birthday be the summer solstice? After all, it was the middle of summer when everything froze.

Job: He's a snowman so of course he would work with ice/snow! So the ice rink it is! Lots of fun for him as well!

Background: First off, crossing the Portal let him remember his time as a snowman before he was alive. At first he didn't believe it, but he started realizing it was true as time went on. Becoming human was weird, but he was used to weird, so it doesn't faze him. He crossed at the same time as everyone else, just a few hoursish before them? Yeah.

Personality: His personality has not changed. He is still happy and cheerful and sometimes a little bit slow. But he's still incredibly friendly and fun. He loves summer as well, even though he hasn't lived through it yet... One of these days he'll see.

about pond !
I just saw this movie and I really really liked Olaf..

5 Posts: one, two, three, four, & five

Plotter: we’re swimming with the sharks until we {DROWN}

spiffy details !
movie: Frozen

birthday: June 21th (summer solstice)

sexuality: Bisexual


powers/abilities: he just gets really weak the longer he is across the portal? like all flabby

olaf tannon friedmann
 Posted: Mar 1 2014, 12:46 AM
Hi! I'm Olaf, and I love warm hugs. I'm a snowman too! Whoops, I don't think I'm supposed to tell you that. Well, that's okay, you just can't tell anyone, okay? I love love too! In fact, I love everyone I meet. Do you want to be my friend?
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 Posted: Mar 1 2014, 03:06 PM
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welcome to derp! you are super snazzy and we're absolutely thrilled that you've decided to join our family. now, it's time for you to lay claim to your name and face and all that good stuff. don't forget! it's super, super important.

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