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 strawBERRY \/ a v a l a n c h e, Annalie//Alice!
hazel guinevere tyler
 Posted: Jan 24 2015, 03:43 AM
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Squirrel Girl

Humming to herself as she restocked the bagel bin, Hazel found herself lost in her own mind as she went about her routinely endeavor at the bakery. Christmas had passed, as did the New Year, and Valentine's Day was going to be just around the corner. Which meant for her, long hours of heart shaped sweets and doey-eyed couples coming in and spoiling their other half. The thought brought a smile to her lips, but it also caused herself to sigh quietly as she slid the case closed.

Chewing on the inside of her cheek, she looked up to the ceiling as she wondered if there would ever be a person for her. Maybe there was another person out there who loved to bake as much as she did. Or maybe someone that wanted to run around outside in the park and play with the wildlife. Leaning her back against the display case, she hugged the empty cookie sheet to her chest as she found herself lost in her own little world.

Someone tall, but not too tall as to overshadow her- just enough to allow her to snuggle her head under their chin. With..... blue? No. Brown? No, not brown. Tapping her thumb gently against the cooling metal, she silently shook her head as she realized the color of their eyes didn't matter. They needed to be able to keep up with her. Energetic without needing assistance. Good with their hands, so they could help her in the kitchen when it came to mixing. Great tastes with an expressive mind. Someone to bounce creative ideas off her to constantly bring the shop new and exciting treats. Sighing dreamily, she couldn't help but hold the cookie sheet tighter as her cheek came to nuzzle her shoulder before she jumped in panic at the sound of her bell ringing above the door.

Turning quickly on the spot, she acted like a child caught stealing cookies from the cookie jar as she hid the sheet behind her back before quickly shifting her gaze elsewhere from the person making their way into the shop. At least, until a familiar voice spoke up in greeting. "Anna!" Her face brightened as hazel eyes widened at the ginger who made her way towards the counter. "The usual? With extra whipped cream?" A pleased smile spread across her lips as a small giggle bubbled pass loosely sealed lips.

♥ lauz
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annalie estelle kristiansen
 Posted: Feb 20 2015, 08:45 PM
annalie estelle kristiansen

let's danceAnnalie could say, one thousand times over, without any shadow of a doubt, that early mornings were the worst possible thing imaginable. At least in day to day life. It was so difficult to force her eyes open after the obnoxious dissonance that was her morning alarm, one that woke her up at precisely five a.m. every monday, wednesday, and friday. Words could not describe the dread that filled her bones as she pushed herself up into a sitting position, the chill of the little home that she called her own causing goosebumps to spring up over her flesh. Ginger locks plastered to whatever side of her face that she favored sleeping on the night before. Like clockwork, she’d fumble around for the book that she fell asleep reading, tucking her bookmark into the proper place as she plopped it down on her bedside table. A loud yawn emitted from her, one she didn’t bother stifling as she stretched her aching muscles and swung her legs over the edge of the bed. The woman rubbed her hands together as she stumbled from the last of the warmth of her blankets and into a shower. Slender fingers fumbling with the waterproof radio that she kept tucked away in a basket. It was automatically programmed to her favorite station, one that played all kinds of different music, even older ones that weren’t on the other stations. The moment it flipped on, blaring rather loudly above the noise of the hot water, Anna felt more awake than she’d thought possible. Without a bit of shame, she sang along to the few songs that played, getting clean and prepared for the rest of her day. Even her morning routine of taming her red tresses was accompanied by the sound of music. This particular day, however, a song she’d never heard before sounded from her little radio and she found herself dancing with more enthusiasm than usual. An excitement that repaid her by causing her to stab herself in the eye with her mascara. After she was done cleaning the black off of her poor, sensitive eyeball… that really had been a silly thing to do… Annalie set about the task of trying to discover the song. And as soon as she did, she downloaded it on her computer, sent it to her phone, and settled down in her office chair for a day of work. The best part of her job was probably the fact that she could listen to music without reprieve. All she had to do was chat to customers and resolve their issues, with the occasional phone call, and well… she did stalk her favorite blogs in her downtime. That wasn’t a crime, right? Normally she was content to let her tunes roll through on shuffle, but not today! She was obsessed with this new song… it was just so catchy and when she tried to change, all she wanted to do was listen to it again. This dilemma lead to her donning a pair of headphones when work was over with and she ventured out of her house for the first time that day. A rather lovely scarf wound tightly around her neck for protection of the cold, her coat buttoned up securely, covering the majority of her small frame. At first she did her best to control her… moves… but in the end, she gave up and lost herself to the music, a bright smile spread across her face as she took the well-treaded path to Hazel’s bakery. An accident or two was probably scarcely avoided by the attentiveness of other drivers or pedestrians, though Annalie was completely oblivious to that… she was far too wrapped up in the fantastic beats of her new favorite song. She even knew what the words meant! Well, mostly. She couldn’t remember it all, but she’d looked it up while she was on the computer and could give a vague definition. Annalie entered her friend’s shop with a little spin, holding her phone up as if it were a boombox that blasted the music she’d come to adore so much. When she caught sight of the sweet girl, she yanked the headphones from her ears and smiled brightly, waving enthusiastically. “Hi there, you!” She called, shifting her hips as she danced her way over to the counter. “Definitely. I’ve been looking forward to this snack all day. But first…” Anna unplugged her headphones so that the beat of the earworm of a song filled the shop. She pursed her lips, tapping the phone so that the song restarted, and then tucked it safely away into the front pocket of her winter coat. Only just far enough that the sound wasn’t muffled. “Hazel, you should dance with me!” The girl laughed, giddy with excitement as she crept across the threshold of the counter and stole one of Hazel’s hands, trying to tug her to the other side where there was more room. If she allowed her to do so, she’d shift and try to spin the girl in a small circle, beaming the entire time. “Isn’t this fun?!”TAG: SOLAR / WORDS: 867 / NOTES: DANCIN' ▲▲▲
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