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 saviors and saints, devils and heathens alike, sams kidlets v. 5 population: 14
 Posted: Mar 24 2015, 08:49 AM
Haaai I'm Sam, and I love you a whole lot. Feel free to come ask me anything or plot whatever you want! I promise I don't bite <3
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Levina Reine
37 , villainess , temperamental , angry , regal , insane , fashion designer
Levina is the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland, and this is her second run on DERP. She's a woman who knows how to get what she wants; either through violence or sweet words. Currently she has her hands full trying to save her fashion empire; Roses Red, which suffered in her absence while she was locked away in the mental asylum. Granted it's only exacerbated by the rumors of her insanity that circle through the fashion world. This time around she's stopped fighting for sanity, and just accepted herself for what she is. Queen of Wonderland, and wonderfully insane. What this means for her subjects and the people of New York is really up in the air at this point.

friends. Despite how hard it might be to get along with her at times. Levina can be charming and even appear kind. She has an incessant almost obsessive need to be liked and adored, which considering her personality just doesn't happen. Though it appears she's better at it in this world since she lost the ability to chop off people's heads on a whim. I can see her having quite a few friends around her, especially like minded people (villains and villainesses) though she is by no means limited to just those. Just as long as these people understand that her temper is going to explode at any moment. So basically it's just like befriending an active volcano that is constantly rumbling.

enemies. This is much easier. At the top of her list is Alice. In her mind she blames the girl for everything that went wrong with Wonderland, though she knows that that doesn't really make sense. It doesn't matter to her, she needed somewhere to direct her anger and that is where it went. Outside of that she's generally cruel and occasionally malicious so I can see her developing quite a few enemies. She enjoys hurting people for kicks too, so if you want to hurt your babies feel free to toss them her way.

lovers. This is interesting, and dangerous. Last time I had her she was primarily into men, but she was wavering and so I decided to extend it to pretty much anyone she considers beautiful/worthy of her time. It should be noted that she is very much into bloodplay ( drawing blood for arousal ), so although she's capable of having fun without that kind of thing. You really want to get on her good side, that's how you get there.

Charlie Rian
24 , lad , childish , naive , loyal , frightened , perpetually lost
Charlie is Chomper from the Land Before Time. My baby, he's an awkward child stuck in a grown man's body. Naive he is both in awe of New York and terrified of it. Though he's slowly getting the hang of not only the transition from child to adult, but dinosaur to human, he still has a long way to go. He lives in the complex and spends a good amount of his time either wandering around, learning the basics of living in this world, or laying in a dark room trying to organize the overload of information he's been given.

friends. He's friendly, a lot friendlier than most of the sharpteeth in his world. Right now he needs people to help him learn what this world is like, someone who will take him under their wing. Seeing as he's got no experience with society or humans in general. Making him easy to take advantage of. He's got a childlike curiosity and a willingness to learn and explore. He's a loyal friend and willing to do anything for someone who offers their friendship.

enemies. He's not going to make many enemies. He's too friendly for that. That doesn't mean that there won't be people who would consider him one. Anyone who looks at him as someone they can easily mislead would probably be considered an enemy, or someone who actually does him harm. He won't take people being mean to someone he considers his friends, and he'll do anything (even put himself in danger) to protect them.

lovers. He's still technically a child in his head, though his body would say otherwise. Right now I can see him having little crushes and being awkward and trying to find someone to give him advice on what to do. He doesn't really have a preference for gender or personality, and I just really don't know what type of relationship he'd even be in. mamma sam doesn't think he's old enough to date

Thomas Bale
25 , lad , loyal , friendly , kind , brave , resistance fighter
Thomas from Pocahontas doesn't look like he'd be brave enough to stick around and help the animated world, but that's what he's been doing. He's not the best of fighters, or the most experienced. He was never a soldier, but he has been fighting the darkness since the beginning and at least he's not as green as he used to be. He's trying his hardest to learn from his mistakes and to become a proper soldier, if only so that John can be proud of him.

friends. His best friend is undoubtedly John Smith. Outside of that he's a really friendly guy, somewhat awkward, but people tend to get past that. (He's especially awkward in the real world on the rare times he visits...the body he got is really tall and he's not used to that) He likes having friends though and you can be sure he'll do anything for you if you need it.

enemies. Thomas doesn't really take much notice when it comes to enemies. Everyone has them and he's just too busy focusing on the darkness and trying not to shoot anyone by accident that petty fights just don't get his attention. Of course anyone who's taken up sides with the darkness or enjoys it's existence, well let's just say he has a problem with you.

lovers. he dreamed of perfection, woke up, and found everything else lacking. I don't foresee anything going on in this category for a long time. Unless you get him drunk or take advantage of him somehow.

Astrid Asger
23 , Heroine , headstrong , brave , protective , defensive , resistance fighter
Astrid is from How to Train Your Dragon, a viking raised on the island of Berk where dragons were once considered nuisances. Now everyone on Berk pretty much has their own dragon. Or at least they did...before the darkness came. Astrid isn't too proud that they abandoned their home to an attacking horde of 'bad' dragons, but she understands that they wouldn't have survived the battle. Now-a-days she can be found with the resistance. She has crossed the portal once before but prefers to stay in the animated world where she feels she's needed. Of course if they need her to go get something on the other side, or help people through she'll happily do it.

friends. At first glance Astrid can seem a bit cold. A trait she developed in training, trying to be the best she could be. Despite this she tends to make friends rather easily, she has a protective quality inside of her that once she has friends makes it so she'll do anything to make sure they're safe. If someone is willing to get past the initial coldness that she give off she can be a warm and caring person with a deep sense of loyalty.

enemies. The darkness and anyone working for it. She's not too fond of bullies either especially when they pick on someone she likes/is friends with.

lovers. closed, the poor thing is in love with Hiccup she just can't admit it.

Jet Nightshade
30 , villain , lonely , dark , scheming , damaged , dream therapist
Jet is known by many names from Pitch to the Boogeyman. Once upon a time he had limitless power, and fed that power with the fear of children. Until the Guardians pushed him back into the shadows. He just wants to be believed in again, and he'll go to any lengths to see that happen. Unfortunately his time on this side of the portal has also changed him. That spark of humanity that he lost a long time ago is a lot stronger here, and he finds himself not just fighting the Guardians but himself as well.

friends. He wants friends, he's just a bit of an asshole and doesn't realize it. He gets jealous/hurt easily so watch out cause then he becomes spiteful and cruel. He's used to being on his own and he doesn't really handle rejection well. Like at all. But he needs to have fun so FRIENDSHIPS ARE MAGICAL

enemies. His enemies are primarily the guardians. The darkness is also big on his list because he feels like it'll just absorb him. So anyone working for it will probably be avoided until he's got a plan on how to handle them. If he does consider you an enemy, watch out. Chances are he'll want to bring you down and it won't be pretty.

lovers. he's a sexy beast no but seriously, omg this section. To be honest I don't even know. He likes to pretend he can't feel anything but he does, whether he wants to or not. You can pretty much do with it as you will. Toss ideas if you have any, I'm pretty much game.

Mirela Dracos
18 , heroine , friendly , energetic , loving , curious , photography student
Mavis Dracula from Hotel Transylvania, has only recently found her way across the portal. She has made the conscious decision to forget her memories on the grounds that they cause too much pain. She wants to forget that she zinged, that her father might be dead, and that she's lost the only place that ever felt truly safe. With each day she spends away some of the old Mavis comes back; excitable, happy, energetic. A teenager who has found herself with more freedom than she can handle. She's hungry all the time, though she's forbidden herself the one substance that will make the cravings go away, because she doesn't want to hurt anyone. She's hoping that when she forgets the need for blood will lessen and she can live a semi-normal life.

friends: If you've seen Hotel Transylvania you'll know that she's a kind and caring person, with a confidence that makes her easy to get along with. She wants to make friends, and now that she's beginning to forget she finds that humans aren't so bad as she thought they were. At least not the ones she's met so far. Basically she loves having friends and is used to having a lot of people around her, or just one or two.

enemies: The darkness, bad people. She's got some prejudices against humans from all the things she's been told so even though her first instinct is trust someone she has come to realize that not everyone is deserving of that trust.

lovers: She zinged, and she tried to move on from that, but it's really difficult. She's not so sure she can do it, but you're more than welcome to try.

Arthur Drake
25 , hero , determined , imaginative , brave , protective , political science student/resistance
Arthur! The once and future king, and that muse that hit Sam upside the head out of nowhere. He's come a long way from the Wart who used to clean kitchens, but he has a lot more to go. He's pretty wise for his age and friendly but he can work a little too hard for most people, and really needs someone to tell him it's alright to take it easy. Right now he's a student and NYU focusing on political science/theory. He's got a thing for a certain part of English literature *cough* arthurian legend *cough*. Besides that he's also peeking his face over to the other side of the portal every now and then to help do something, though right now he kind of doesn't have a lot of experience in the whole swordfighting business. At least he's got Excalibur which keeps his memories intact and other mystical awesome sword business.

friends; Arthur is friendly so this is probably going to be the easiest category for him. He's also pretty damn loyal to his friends and will stand up for them through thick and thin so he's pretty much that guy that you like having around.

enemies; His biggest enemy is the darkness, or anyone that works for it. He doesn't really see the bad in people at first, so someone would have to do something to him or one of his friends for him to consider them an enemy.

lovers; Ooooh the love department. Bro idk, I'll come back to this later maybe. Unless you've got ideas then by all means have at him...cause omg look at that face.

Tamzin Wright
22 , Heroine , danger prone , friendly , determined , inventive , inventer
Tami here is Tinker Bell from the Tinker Bell movies. A happy fairy for the most part she's been living under the impression that she ruined spring, since her movie cut off before she could save it. She's a walking disaster just waiting to happen, easily excitable, and able to fix pretty much any broken thing you put in front of her. As a pixie back on the animated side of the portal she's lost the ability to fly after running out of pixie dust, but that doesn't mean she isn't still capable of amazing things. Generally she tries to keep to herself but that goes against the fundamentals of her personality and doesn't really work out that well.

friends; Tam is one of those people that makes friends with little to no effort. Even when she goes out of her way to keep to herself and not draw attention she ends up getting it anyway. Pretty much anyone can fit in this category without a problem, but especially her friends from pixie hollow. Even if she doesn't feel like she deserves their friendship after ruining all their hard work.

enemies; So admittedly I don't see her having a lot of enemies. Unlike the original Tinker Bell she doesn't seem to grow and stay angry at other people. If she's been wronged she'll take offense and stand up for herself but she's always willing to forgive. Unless the person is blatantly evil and tries to hurt her or her friends for no reason. Then she'll probably consider you an enemy.

lovers; tam thought she had something, or was just starting to think she had something. though she's liable to go both ways, she leans primarily towards the ladies. sorry boys.

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 Posted: Mar 24 2015, 08:50 AM
Haaai I'm Sam, and I love you a whole lot. Feel free to come ask me anything or plot whatever you want! I promise I don't bite <3
Sam IS Offline

Cyrus Helios
21 , original , sarcastic , loner , proud , clingy , ----
Cyrus, the personification of the planet Mercury. Currently residing wherever his feet take him he's kind of lost in his own world. He's always been kind of narrow in his focus so it's not unheard of for him to come off as distant or unfriendly when you first meet him. If you're looking to find him though, you can probably have the best luck looking in Central Park, usually with his dog Apollo at his side. His lack of sight makes him wary when meeting strangers and he'll usually try and steer clear of areas with lots of people. You can probably draw him out with warmth or the offer of a good drink. He's a bit of a troublemaker, with a mouth that doesn't care much for manners, and he's not above milking his disability for all it's worth. I guess technically you could say he's just not used to being social, and so he's kind of falling flat in that area. He's pretty sure he's alone. Having watched his siblings get destroyed, he isn't aware that any of them might have escaped like he did. That sense of loneliness kind of makes him sulk and drink if no one is around to stop him.

friends; Cyrus, despite first impressions, is friendly and easy going. A throwback to the personality of the person whose body he took. Even though he avoids most social situations he's great at handling change and adapts to his new surroundings pretty easily. He just needs a little getting used to. He can be too blunt, or off putting, but if you work past that he's easy to get along with and even loyal. He might even steal a pack of beer for you or something, who knows. He'll naturally gravitate to warmth and heat though. Whether it's a person who just burns a little hotter than normal, or someone who just has a warm and kind personality. He prefers these kind of people actually.

enemies; As said before, he's kind of a little standoffish and can easily loose focus if someone doesn't catch his attention. It's easy to see how that can get on people's nerves. Other aspects of his personality can rub people the wrong way, or they could get caught on the wrong side of one of his winds. Idk throw things at me if you think they'd make good enemies. Just watch out because Apollo isn't too kind to people who raise their voice to his master.

lovers; The thing about this section is that as a former planet he doesn't really have concept of love? The human whose body he's inhabiting didn't have much experience in that field either, or at least no good experience. I personally think if there's chemistry that this could potentially be really cure, because when he loves someone he loves with everything he has.

Marissa Delmara
40 , lass , motherly , broken , loving , protective , nanny
Marissa was once known as Queen Athena from Atlantica. Until tragedy struck and she lost everything. Believed dead by her family she's been wasting away in a tank for years before a kind King and his daughter rescued her. Now, in New York, she's been working as a nanny and caretaker for her new family. Time wise she's been in the city almost since the beginning, the kingdom she lived in having been one of the first areas that fell to the darkness. She's got no memories of her family...not just because of the portal, but rather because her years in captivity made her old life seem like little more than a dream. What she does have, is the tune to a song with words long ago forgotten.

Friends : Despite all the trauma she's been through she's a very friendly and loving person. She cares a little too much about the people around her and will befriend just about anyone. So this area is rather easy for her to fill. She'll especially feel a connection with those in the world that enjoy music. She hasn't really been able to enjoy it in a long time, but she still loves it and she certainly loves anyone that can play it.

enemies: Mari doesn't make enemies easily. She's too docile to look for confrontation and she'd much rather please, or go completely silent then make anyone angry or upset. Her past has scarred her though and she has a tendency to shrink away from violent/foul tempered people, or just anyone that raises their voice to her. Even if they didn't mean it in a bad way.

lovers: She is...not exactly in a relationship state of mind right now. If someone were to get her into one, the way she is now it'd probably be toxic for her. She will do anything and everything to make sure someone's happy, and that could easily backfire in a lot of ways. Mostly though deep inside, wherever her lost memories are hiding there is that love for her husband. He was her soul mate and even if she doesn't remember him exactly, she will compare every possible relationship with that one...and chances are they'll fall flat. So idk about this section, it's open to past flings and stuff because she's been around for a while and why not.

Addae Ubasti
30 , original , wise , protective , fickle , playful , shop owner
The Goddess Bastet of Egyptian Mythology, goes by Addea in this world. She is the owner of the apothecary shop known as 'the falcon's eye' and has been in New York for about 3 years. She's an easy person to get along with but like most cats once you get on her bad side chances are you're going to stay there. She's very two sided, being both a warrior and motherly Goddess all at once now. Which means that one moment she can be a loving mother figure and the next she could be trying to rip your heart out of your chest with her claws. It really depends on who she meets. Overall she's playful, easy to get along with, and obsessed with cats. As would be evident for anyone who stepped into her shop which is located beneath her apartment and in easy access for her own 12 cats, and pretty much any feline that wanders in looking for a place to stay. Besides her work in the shop she also helps out across the portal as a Resistance fighter, though she hasn't really ingrained herself to them completely just yet.

friends; She's a very friendly person and very outgoing. The type of person that can strike up a conversation with just about anyone she meets in the streets. So really feel free to throw anyone you want in this category even if it seems absolutely outrageous for them to know each other. A big plus is certainly any cats, she absolutely love cats and will dote and adore any cats-turned-human that walk into her shop.

enemies; As I've said before she's very hot and cold. She's recently taken up her old mantle of warrior/vengeance goddess and so she's still kind of getting used to that again. Basically the two personalities clash a lot in her head (think of those cats that one second they love you and the next second a peace of your arm is hanging from their mouths) so she can snap for whatever reason. Mostly though her hatred is usually reserved for the Darkness, since it did destroy her home and probably kill most if not all of her family. Other people she might not like is anyone that hurts someone she's come to see as being under her protection (pretty much all felines are automatically put there, as are any friends she makes). She will seek vengeance for any wrongs, and even if it's a small one you bet she'll come after you until she feels satisfied.

lovers; eeeh lovers. She's the goddess of fertility and a very sexual creature. She will literally toss around in bed with anyone that shows interest, but her main thing is short term. Depending on the myth she's sometimes depicted as married but I've decided to not mention that so in this canon she isn't. She just hasn't really felt love for anyone before, and if I'm honest with myself I can see her being the type that prefers multiple partners over one. If chemistry does end up giving me something that'll last longer then by all means, I'm in. Otherwise, it's mostly one night stands late night cuddle sessions for this kitty cat.

Sierra Saraf
31 , villainess, violent , territorial , angry, proud , cage fighter
Sierra was the top predator in her world. As a Carnatorus she was the most feared of the meat eaters that hunted the herds, which is exactly how she liked it. In this world things have required a lot of adjusting. She's found that a lot of people in this world won't show her the respect she feels she deserves, as someone who fought tooth and nail to be the top among others of her kind. So she's angry a lot, and violent, which works seeing as she was recruited to fight in illegal underground cage matches. At first because she was an attractive woman who liked too fight, but now as a headliner with a tendency to go overboard. Besides that she actually prefers it in New York as opposed to the animated world, crossing over only long enough to remember who and what she is, before vanishing back into the city.

friends; She's not against forming friendships though her temper can get in the way of things, and she has a tendency to be very hands on. Even if she's not angry, she's liable to grab someone or something like that and since she's not really careful about her strength she could accidentally hurt people. She's also far better accustomed to being on her own, and so there's a high chance that she'll just up and walk away without a word when a person stop holding her interest or she just doesn't want to be social.

enemies; Enemies is a little easier. She's got a volatile temper and hates when people don't respect her. She worked hard to earn the respect back home, and in the cages. The fact that her womanly body seems to give licence to men to look down on her or treat her different has gotten her angry enough to kill on more than one occasion. It's just really easy to tick her off, and once that fuse is lit, it takes a lot to put it out again. So be warned.

lovers; She's not against lovers, she's had them before, though I think her experience as a human is limited. She just...doesn't understand how it works for humans. She gets that the basic premise is the same, but so far she hasn't let anyone get close enough to go that far. I can see it happening though, and I know that once she tries it she'll love it. It's just getting across that bridge that's the problem...especially since she takes most firms of flirting as an insult and a sign of disrespect. so you know. enter at your own risk?

Maria Llorona
28 , original , haunted , temperamental , angry , child protective services
Maria is best known as La Llorona from Mexican folklore. A woman who was betrayed by the man she loved, and in her madness drowned herself and her children. Unfortunately for her this act cursed her spirit, while the souls of her innocent children moved on into peace, she was forced to forever haunt the earth. Over the centuries she has changed as her story has changed; becoming not just a woman seeking her lost children, but an omen of death, and a vengeful spirit hell bent on relieving the world of cheating men. When the Darkness came her lake was drained and with it she finds herself with a new freedom, no longer bound by the primal needs of her myth. She's found a life in New York, one where she does not need to drown children, or forever wander the shoreline searching.

friends; She can be friendly, kind. She is technically a mixture of different women so her reactions really vary as far as interactions go. I can see her having lots of friends only because she's been starved of them for so long. Its been centuries since the last time she had a friend. Of course she's rather temperamental having been a vengeful spirit and certain things are likely to set her off. So it's best to tread lightly.

enemies; Again she has a temper, though she has a decent handle on it unless you're a cheater. at which point the temper isn't going to even try holding itself back . She absolutely hates those who are cruel to children specifically, and will fly into a protective rage if it means defending a child. Overall I don't really see her having a lot of enemies, it's just really those two things that bother her.

lovers; just like friendships she's been deprived of this for far to long. If she sees something she wants she's liable to take it. Her modesty is nearly non extant as she's very comfortable with herself and her body. Being dead gives one a new appreciation of the livelier things. So yeah toss your lovelies at her, she's starving.

Chris Carter
23 , Original, snarky , asshole , bold , addicted , identity thief
Chris is an original from a world where some people had mutations or abilities. For the most part these weren't very useful and the people who had them were generally viewed as lesser members of society. For Chris his mutation manifested as something he's coined 'sensory selection.' Basically he can fuck with his senses all he wants: turning them off or on, multiplying them by each other, and even using someone else's senses as an extension of himself. He is technically superman with all the supersenses and none of the cool extra stuff like heat vision and flying. Though he can take a beating when he turns his nerves off, he unfortunately takes about as much time to heal as anyone else. In his world the darkness was kind of seeping into the behavior of people. It was very low key, but it made certain factions act in ways that they normally wouldn't act. Like the people that kidnapped and tortured him, were once a peaceful research group determined to discover the reason behind the mutations.

He doesn't know any of that though, in fact his mind has blocked that whole experience out as much as possible. The only evidence he has that it really happened are the scars that it left behind on his physical body, and the giant blank space in his memory. Whatever he's not sweating it, he's got himself a place and a decent income running credit card scams and other identity related crimes.

friends; This could be a bit difficult. He makes friends easy, but keeping them is another matter entirely. He's snarky, curses like a sailor, and is kind of full of himself. Not to mention his social ties haven't lasted very long so if he does consider you a friend it's kind of important. He is really social despite all that and is one of those guys that has a large pack of friends for every occasion. Even if he's not really close with any of them, he still somehow manages to be the center of attention and the main point of focus which is just how he likes it.

enemies; Enemy-wise all I can tell you is that he's into illegal stuff so anyone with a particularly high moral code, or in law enforcement might be viewed as an enemy on principle alone. Usually when he has enemies though he doesn't really bother with them. Revenge just isn't his style ( unless we're talking about the scientists that fucked him up. in which case that's a whole different can of worms ). For the most part he's a fan of the underhand approach which equates to ruining your credit score so bad there's no coming back from it.

lovers; [s] Let's get it right on out he's a nymphomaniac. Or a touch addict. Due to his ability he can multiply his sense of touch times five and it just becomes utterly mind blowing. Literally. He's trying to be careful with it, cause he's pretty sure it had something to do with how he got caught, but it's like any regular drug addiction. Once you're in, it's hard to crawl out.

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levina carter reine
 Posted: Mar 24 2015, 10:46 AM
good luck
Sam IS Offline
Queen of Hearts

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ready to play?

&POND ---
    Hmm, Marissa needs threads really bad so I can start something for that probably soon? As for the other two, I can start things for Tamzin/James too if you want? Idk I'M UP FOR ALL THREE AND WHICH EVER ONES YOU WANT TO DO, we can jump right in cause these three kids are some of the ones that need more stuff on my end at least xD

    &ELSIE --- HMM HMM, TBH the idea of someone at the transition center being like 'you need jesus' or something, and sending her as a spiritual adviser of sorts makes me smile xD He'd be really unwilling at first but we knew that already. SO IDK LET'S GO WITH THAT cause I want this friendship already epokrgerg

    &AISLIN --- UGH WENDY I LOVE HER. Jet is going to just be so intrigued by her and just be in awe probably like he was when he met Samara for the first time. Maybe even more so since she's not a dream from his reality, or something like that and he can probably sense it. epgrokeg Having her show up at his office could be interesting, but he might get excited and freak her out and then she has nowhere to run xD idk. I'm 100% up for just tossing them together and seeing where it goes. If you want to do something in his office or just a random bump in the street, I'm good with whatever. just /grabby hands at u both

    &MAIA --- I'm still up for this, yes!!

    &ELSIE --- yesss, this would be wonderful. He's always looking for someone to help teach him and the more teachers he gets the better honestly, plus if she can help with Excalibur he'd be so happy. like beyond happy. We could maybe toss them together in the animated world with something simple, like maybe he's cleaning the sword or something and she wants to look at it, idk.

    &ELSIE --- they make cute friends I think x3 he's going to need someone like her and her calmness a lot more now though since I kind of fucked him up more xD. His whole life with Eila was basically a coma dream and he's going to have trouble separating reality from that a lot and just generally being really depressed and maybe extra reckless.

    &CADI --- I THINK ONCE UPON A TIME we sort of maybe plotted them a little and I was supposed to make a starter for it xD At the very least I remember that someone was supposed to try and teach him how to ice skate and I thiiink that was her. I'm not even entirely sure, but we can do that though? He'd be absolutely horrible at it but at least he's got a tough skin so idk xD then after he can pout at her over coffee or something. I AGREE THOUGH THEY'D BE ADORABLE FRIENDS.

    &AISLIN --- Awww, she's precious I can't. I'm all for them being friends, and you know Mirela is behind this a hundred percent. She's always excited to have friends. Maybe she sees her on one of her little photography adventures and joins her and they bond through that? Or Mavis takes her picture one day cause she's pretty idek stuuuff

    &COLLEEN --- Oooh yes, I like this. Cyrus was homeless and though he currently shares a place with his sister in the complex, he still wanders out on his own for days at a time. I guess he just hasn't settled in yet. I can totally see them having met and kind of gravitated towards each other due to similar circumstances. idk, friends yes. stuff. my brain is dying send the ambulance.

    &MAIA --- bbiesss they make me happy. their thread is adorable and she's adorable and i'm just /smooshes face/ she's just so warm and if he could see her he'd probably think she was beautiful and just idk stare, which makes him happy he can't cause lol he feels like he's coming off weird enough already. yes he totally is going to let her set him up because he can never say no to his sister, and it's going to be beautiful I think x3

    &CALA --- eeeee sierra is pleased to hear that, because she loves having fans especially someone who is so classy and downright gorgeous. idk she's got this thing with well dressed, class people who have confidence. it draws her in like nobody's business tbh. We shooould do a thing, cause yes. sierra needs more things and villainesses need to stick together. awyiss

    &COLLEEN --- I caaan see it. I vote we toss them in together to see how they react to each other cause I see loads of potential here and I feel like at the very least they'd be funny. I'm all for more snark battles with Chris and yispls let's do the thing?

&RORY ---
    user posted image

    cross out dad and put leon and it's perfect I SENSE HILARITY AHEAD AND I ACCEPT. Honestly the first one is my favorite, but I feel like the second one has the most potential. Cause she'll be all disapproving and he'll be all snarky/flirty every time she comes to him for help, and it'd be beautiful. I think sexual tension is a given with him honestly, he's kind of supercharged like that around people whether it actually goes anywhere or ends up being fulfilled is really up to you and stuff idk he's like the one night stand kind of guy as you know i guess, so idk that could be potential awkward to throw them into later /shrugs


    &MILES --- these two are like my literal babies I love them both, and Atlantis so much. I'm loving their thread so far though and I'm excited to see where it's going. She's going to be so happy when she realizes he can speak/read Atlantian though, and idk maybe one day she could lead him back to the city to look through stuff. The city itself is still open even though it's abandoned it's only the crystal chamber that's been sealed off and stuff. so yeah..stuff I LOVE THEM /ahem she will accept his nerdism because we all know she secretly loves it.

user posted image
calandra medea nero
 Posted: Mar 25 2015, 12:51 PM
they weren't kidding when they called me, well, a witch.
WENDY IS Offline

JET & AISLIN :: kwrghyeuirgthu3gt ugh yesyesyesyesyes this needs to be a thing because dream and nightmare king will be beautimous 9ever no matter how they end up interacting. <3 <3 aaand i really like the idea of them meeting at his office. like, her coming in for an appointment with him and both of them sensing the spark in one another. ugh yes please can we have like like yesterday?

CHARLIE & CADI :: I ACTUALLY THINK THAT I REMEMBER THAT! AND CADI WOULD TOTALLY TEACH HIM HOW TO ICE SKATE!! no matter how long it takes, they will be successful! and pouting at her over lunch or coffee or something afterwards sounds lovely. she'll just tell him all about what he's doing well and how they can try again some time. SO SERIOUSLY THIS CUTE FEST NEEDS TO HAPPEN SAM BECAUSE I CAN'T EVEN RN.

MIRELA & AISLIN :: xDD either of those plans sounds wonderful. or maybe we could even try and mold them together sort of? liiiiike, ash could be out doing something, and looking lonely and whatever, and mavis could snap a picture, but ash could like look up and notice her and they could meet and stop to get to know one another that way? idk. xP

CYRUS & COLLEEN :: yayyyyy homeless buddies. idek why this excites me to the extent it does, but it totally does. i just love the idea of having her connect with somebody she met when she was stuck living out of the back of a mini cooper in the junk yard. plus, i really think she'd like cyrus a lot. sooo yeah... xP idek my brain is mush also.

SIERRA & CALA :: hjgerg ugh this is gonna be so freaking cool. to just psycho badass ladies painting the town. seriously. ugh i can't handle it. also, cala is purring over you're saying she's gorgeous, and she says sierra is a bombshell as well. sooo yes i completely agree we should do the thing, because cala also needs more stuff. should we just start it up after a fight one night? have cala saunter up to her and express how impressed she is or something? xP idek

CHRIS & COLLEEN :: yessss the thing all the things. xD basically i just agree completely that this needs to happen haha.

AND I ADD ONE MORE WITH LEVINA/CALA :: HOLY CRAP I AM SO EXCITED YOU BROUGHT LEVINA BACK AND SO IS CALA HOLY SMOKES UHEGUGH!! but anywhooooo xD i can just see these two being wonderfully hilarious and badass together. like, their tempers could almost toss them into the frenemy zone every now and then, but they're both so charming and flirty and beautifully insane that, like, they've gotta stick together, you know? pluuusss cala says she's super hot and wants to give her her number in case she needs anything. ;3 xP

soooo which of these do we wanna go for?? jet/aislin maybe? and then sierra/cala and chris/colleen could be fun also? whatever you're up for, i'm totally in <3 :D

user posted image
by the goddess they call sam. <3
cara lily malia
 Posted: Mar 26 2015, 11:31 AM
cara lily malia

SO MANY LOVELY BABIES SO MANY IDEAS AH I'll try to limit myself xD

cara & charlie
Okay so LBT?? LOVE. Chomper?? ADORABLE. Charlie is too precious and I think Cara would just adore him. Even though he's a little older, I think Cara is probably a little more world-savvy?? And she totally would kind of take him alongside her and show him cool things and get him to enjoy the big scary city that is NYC. I think they'd be great friends! Maybe she's off on her own to some adventure, sees him stumbling around a bit, maybe he's lost, i dunno... and just kinda scoops him up and is like COME ON, THIS'LL BE FUN!! Because she's ridiculously outgoing and excitable xD Just my thoughts, I'd love to hear whatever ya think :)

cara & mirela
So Cara actually has a bit of a sad side to her, because she really misses everybody she lost when she came alone through the portal. Her way of dealing with it was to throw herself into her new life. She works, takes online classes, and takes other classes on the side... just random stuff like cooking, art, that kind of stuff that a lion never could have done haha. So I was thinking maybe she knows Mirela from some kind of photography class?? They strike me as pretty similar personality wise, and I think Mirela would be the kind of person Cara could be real with when she needed to vent or something. I think they'd be really good friends given some time.

I really think Cara would like a lot of your bbys... but she can get along with inanimate objects just fine so I'll leave it there, unless you have other ideas!! Moving on to the other loser...

ryder & chris
Soooo... I think it would be fun if they hated each other, to be honest xD They are similar in a lot of ways, but I think Chris has more of an edge to his snark and cockiness that Ryder kinda lacks?? At least that's the impression I get from your blurb and Jemima's internal thoughts xD So kind of rivals, where they both think they're better than the other, that kind of thing?? Unless Chris is just kind of the person who wouldn't care at all, and so Ryder would just be annoyed by Chris from a distance and that would be the end of it xD I'm kind of rambling so I apologize if this is completely useless :|
 Posted: Mar 27 2015, 11:15 AM
Noo den! Wit lik daday bairns? I'm Lowrie, one of your Marvellous Moderpators. Feel free to ask me for help or tell me a joke, I like jokes! I like chocolate, and tea, can't get through the day without at least three + cups!
lowrie IS Offline
don't blink

Elsie and
Jet- yes let's go with this, shall we have it that've already been introduced and had a couple of sessions already, or do you want to have that first meeting? I an start if you like?

Arthur - ooo that sounds perfect, she would be interested in his sword ause lol sword maiden so yeah I'm u for a that where he sees him cleaning it and asks him about it. Can you start this one?

Thomas - awww poor baby she will want to help him and we have that thread so we shall see how it goes there?
kyra ilene soley
 Posted: Apr 18 2015, 09:27 PM
Life is like a kaleidoscope tube full of bits of broken glass. Pieces refracting the light, shifting into an infinite universe of flowers and rainbows and insects and planets, magical dividing cells, pictures no one really knows ... In this city, there are no stars to wish upon. That's why we have to wish on each other. Light is precious in a world so dark. Never forget your luminosity.
vive IS Offline
spirit of the sun

Kyra And Cyrus both the same dang name, just the male and female version:

Can I just cry with you forever about how emotional them meeting back up will be?? Like...I think mutual sobbing will happen lbr. And out of ALL of the planets, I think Mercury will affect her the worst because of what's happened to him. She will feel so responsible and just...yeah. All the things.
user posted image
 Posted: Apr 30 2015, 08:09 PM
Haaai I'm Sam, and I love you a whole lot. Feel free to come ask me anything or plot whatever you want! I promise I don't bite <3
Sam IS Offline

    &AISLIN --- Yessss, we need the thing like now. Who should start it? I think it'd be easy for either of us to get this ball rolling, and I can't wait. Cause erpogkerg Jet can't wait to meet her and I can't wait to have the things tbh


    &CADI --- I COULD START THIS IF YOU LIKE? I think I was supposed to last time but I never got around to it xD I JUST WANT THE CUTE TBH.

    &CARA --- Eeeee Cara is absolutely precious. Yesss I love this idea a whole lot. So does Charlie, cause he gets to make more friends, and anyone who takes him under their wing and helps him is an added plus. HE NEEDS MORE OF THAT KIND OF THING IN HIS LIFE to keep him sane. The poor baby gets so negative sometimes it's sad. BUT yes anyway I'm all for this, and that sounds like a wonderful way for them to meet/have met. We should do that yisss? o:

    &AISLIN --- oooh yes that could work! I actually have to get mirela saved for the AC so if you'd like to do this I can start it? Or you could start it, idk xD whichever works! Mavis is just super excited to make friends egpokerg

    &COLLEEN --- hehe lolol it's okay this has me excited too xD cause I never really got to play with his homelessness before he found family/a home. So getting to do something with a friendship he made at that time would be gr9. OHOH what if for a thread we backtrack it to when they were both homeless? Not when they met, but like just random homeless shenanigans. like idk cyrus banging on the side of her mini cooper with his cane cause lol stop sleeping we have scams to run or something idek


    yessss this feeling is going to be hella feelsy and I need it. ;u;
    how would they meet up again? should they recognize each other? I feel like he'd probably gravitate towards her and not really understand why....but idk. erpogkerg. WHAT DO YOU THINK? SHOULD WE JUST TOSS THEM AT EACH OTHER AND CRY OR idk

    AND THAT GIF /falls over and cries


CHRIS&COLLEEN - yesgood. we should figure out who starts what xD

VINA&CALA - EEEE I'M SO GLAD SHE'S BACK TBH CAUSE I'VE BEEN WANTING TO TOSS HER AT ALL THE VILLAINS AND VILLAINESSES ESP CALA >.> buuut yes I can see the sort of frenemies thing, but also getting along and stuff. Vina would looooove to dress her and maybe undress her one day ahem cause evil ladies should only have the very best clothes out there. I REALLY WANT THINGS, BUT IDK WHAT THINGS. like maybe one of them meeting the other in the office and going for drinks, or just erogijer i have no clue lol i just need it

    I can definately start the one with arthur! you'll have it up hopefully soon c:

most of these kids seriously need them so
sorry for crappy plotter replies u-u

user posted image
catrin eira perry
 Posted: Apr 30 2015, 09:51 PM
but if your mind is open and your heart just has to know, your wings can take you farther than you ever thought you'd go.
WENDY IS Offline

gheghuerihgutghrhgrsugheairhgjerhgerhgukerhgeugh seriously i am just so excited for all the things idek what to do with myself right now sam xD but uuugggghhh i'm totally up for any and all of these tbh. ummm but basically its a total and complete yes to all of these things--i love them and gkhegukg xDD words are failing me

ummm so i can totally start for ash/jet, and if we wanted to do the others i can start for colleen/chris and cala/vina

and that would give you charlie/cadi and maybe cyrus/colleen (past shenanigans sound amazing btw) aaaand i'm down for either of us starting for mirela/ash, honestly. ughhh idek i just want all the things and my brain is gonna explode samma o-o

maybe i'll im you in a minute xP >>

user posted image
carissa lee glitchwick
 Posted: May 11 2015, 11:27 PM
You could stay. You could have your own castle, where you can wreck and stink as much as you want, and no one would ever treat you badly ever again.
seeing a reptile
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vanellope von schweetz

user posted image
carissa wanted to remind charlie that he needs to update a little bit of his plotter *coughcoughcough*
<3 <3 <3

user posted image
absolem cheshire momerath
 Posted: May 25 2015, 11:54 AM
5'11" // 6'4"
Some people want me to be heads or tails. I say no way, try again another day. I should be happy, not tipping the scales. I just won't play, letting my life get away.
lemme smell you
chelle IS Offline
The Jabberwock

I have a new child to throw at you >_>

Salem really wants to see the Red Queen again. The Jabberwock had the sort of fixation with her and her court, but their presence was always a there and gone in the chaos of fighting and discord sort of thing on whatever side seemed to be aiding the queen and not much else. They would be able to smell her if she was near enough by since the app described her as smelling like "roses and command and that calm moment between your last conscious breath and sleep" and I don't see that as being a common sort of scent. To be honest I'm not sure how Salem would react to seeing the queen again, and there's a potential for it to be scared witless to speak to her at first, though there's also potential for it to be a total creep until it finds a (probably inopportune) moment to reveal itself for what it really is.

I added Sierra mostly because I heard rumors of cannibalism. Salem is not above cannibalism, just that humans tend to smell so bad they refuse to eat them. However, as a butcher I feel like Salem may have interesting things Sierra would be interested in eating possibly? Also since Salem can still shift their jaw to give them their sharp Jabberwock teeth I feel like these two could be buddies. Though I also get the feeling that Salem only deals with her as his male form because that way he can ensure he's bigger than her which makes him feel better about her (because lbr, she can be kind of terrifying)
hexxus aze black
 Posted: May 28 2015, 08:36 AM
brontide (n.) the low rumble of distant thunder
never again
'say please'
mira IS Offline

user posted image

just pretend that isn't Hex with a beard XD focus instead on the thing he is doing to a woman he would let sleep over >> which is Vina, she is one of his favorites because she has been around in his life long before he fell in love, pftwepretendthatdidn'thappen, and just yeah

Dunno how they could meet up again but Hex misses his favorite psycho Queen ^_-

He has been helping the Resistance for a while now and still hasn't met the leaderman >> something tells me they could totally be bros. Maybe Thomas could confide in him how it feels to be elective leader when he likely didn't ever expect that like...ever XD

Leon understands the position of being the one to kind of be placed responsible of others he cares for his whole town omg and while the two could easily just talk about the Darkness leaking into NYC I can easily see Leon sympathizing with Thomas on how he has all the Resistance people to look after and really respect him for doing so. Just all the bros okay? Okay! ^o^

I think these two met at that Halloween party AGES ago but they need to meet up again because they are both hella cute cuties with an affinity for photography, all the spooky love, and tiny flying forms on the animated side! Maybe Babytooth takes a photography course wherever Mirela is taking her classes at and so they re-meet that way ^.^ FairyFang friendship ahoy! <3

Spacebbies! I think these two are about as opposite on the personality spectrum as they could possibly be XD but still! She does run hotter than normal and can melt metal. She uses this ability to make all the jewelry ever but I can see him sensing her being a bit different/space-like and maybe walks right up to her. Oddly I can see her being less nervous because he can't see. She is a nervous little package of social anxiety and worries XD but if he can't see + he knows right off the bat she is from space then you can bet she will be a bit more at ease. From that point I'm not sure how the hell they will interact but it's worth seeing maybe? Perhaps? Totes up to you love lol ^u^


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