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 be-hind |B|A|R|S|, Tristan//Chels
damien vincent roth
 Posted: Aug 15 2015, 01:20 AM
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A chilling sensation washed over the small body that laid curled up against a larger body on the cold stone floor. A tickling sensation that hadn't been felt for months made itself present against the small of his back, making a short arm reach out and swat at the menacing offender. Sleep rattled his brain when his hand made contact with another body, which had him instinctively kick at the being- an unconscious gesture to stop hogging the bed.

Little did Damien know, he wasn't sound asleep in his bed, but instead curled up on a cold basement floor with a complete stranger.

Once more the sensation of something crawling across his back disturbed him from his sleep, this time alarming him to the point of slapping the offender. The solid contact of his hand against his hip, forcing his tail into bone caused him to curse in his state of dozing before he shot up into a sitting position.

Eyes blinking in attempt to push the sleep from his eyes, he took to rubbing the palms of his hands into the sunken holes of his face. A groggy groan had him running a hand down his face, which startled him that it seemed to take longer to reach his chin than normal. Giving his head a small shake, there was no sensation of his hair brushing against his bare shoulders. Brows furrowing together, he looked down at his lap, his brain lagging behind his eyesight as he saw his true body instead of the stupid patterned comforter he'd grown accustomed of.

"Da fuck....?" His voice was thick, husky even from hours of rest. This wasn't how he'd gone to bed. Speaking of.... "'here am I?" Glancing around, all he could see was the dark of the room he was in. He didn't remember going out the night before, nor did he remember drinking enough to have him end up somewhere that wasn't the lack of comfort that was his cot.

Rubbing his face once more, his eyes blinked slowly as he slowly started to wake up. The scent of stagnant air filled his nostrils after a deep inhale, and he found himself coughing at the change of oxygen. Forcing his fist against his chest, he looked around again; this time taking in what was surrounding him.

"What the fuck?" His voice rose, and as his hands came down to his sides, one hand met the cold hard basement floor whilst the other met another body. Snapping his head to the side, his eyes grew wide as another man lay at his side. "Fucking hell!" In a state of panic, he balled his hand into a fist and slammed it down on the man's side before crab walking backwards away.

"The hell is going on here?!" Eyes darted from the stirring body up to the faint sight of a dim light, the image distorted by the bars that was in place of a wall. Holy shit.

For: Tristan/Chels // Words: 502 // Notes: It's a start?

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tristan fabian stockwell
 Posted: Sep 3 2015, 10:09 AM
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The last thing that Tristan Stockwell remembered was coming home after a long day at the stables and getting into bed. He certainly thought that he would have remembered if he'd decided to get up. Or at least, Tristan thought he would anyway. The last thing he really expected was to roll over and be coming to, on a stone cold floor of a place that he hardly recognised. "Wha?" Tristan murmured, reaching up to rub at his eyes as the world came to a more steady place. Where was he? He jumped, violently, at the feeling of a fist slamming into his side.

"What the hell was that for?" Tristan demanded as he sat up, glancing over - noting the only other person in the room. A young man with red hair...and a tail? What the hell was going on? "Who are you?" Blinking rapidly, Tristan turned his attention to the dim light, flickering near the front of the room. Or what he thought was a room anyway. It was disorientating and he didn't know what the hell was going on. He just wanted answers and fast. Mainly as to how the hell, he'd gotten out of bed and in this place.

As his dark eyes adjusted to the light, Tristan slowly pushed himself up off the floor and took a tentative step forward. What better way to try to understand what was going on than to explore? Perhaps it wasn't the best idea in particular, especially given that he didn't know how he'd got there and what indeed was actually going on. But he walked forward, eyes wide like a deer in the headlights, banging straight into what felt to be a wall. "Ow!" Tristan let out a yelp of pain before feeling his way around, given it was dark - touching something cold and metallic and round.

"Bars," Tristan mumbled. What would bars be doing here? Unless. "I think the person that made sure we were down here, is trying their best to make sure that we can't get out again," Apparently whoever put them down there wanted them there. Permanently. Tristan couldn't think of any reason why he'd be kidnapped. True he was a Prince, but of a kingdom that had fallen into darkness a long time ago and would be defunct if the darkness ever abated. It was just...quite confusing and he still didn't know entirely what was going on.
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