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 a STORY in my v.e.i.n.s, Hana//Amanda
lola amethyst parr
 Posted: Aug 16 2015, 08:31 PM
Hm? Oh! Hi there! Is everything alright? I know everything around here seems scary, but there's nothing to be scared of! You see, there's this group. Filled with courageous beings. All looking out for you. Me? Oh. Heh. I'm just a nobody. Nothing special. But I'll help you the best I can.
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if there's air in my lungs i'm gonna pick myself back up
Sighing softly, there was a minute to adjust the messenger bag that was draped over delicate shoulders before continue the route to the entrance of the university. Class had been easy enough, even if it had only been a casual day where the class discussed the upcoming test, Lola was still glad to be free of the enclosing doors. She had enrolled on a whim, with very little positive outlook on being accepted, but when the acceptance letter came she only sat at her kitchen table in shock. There was at least a decade in between her last bout of proper schooling, and it wasn't until she finally let the Complex talk her into it before she got her GED. She was a middle school student at heart, her mind still thinking about how she was going to survive being ignored at school dances and the attempted crushes that would never leave the secrecy of her mind.

Pausing at a vending machine, she purchased a Coke and bag of fruit snacks before pushing the large glass doors open. Inhaling the fresh, new York air deeply, she slowly exhaled as she made her way down the stairs. It was good to be outside of her apartment, but even better to be outside of the classroom. Waving to one of her professors, she kept one hand wrapped around the strap of her bag before she found a shady spot to relax before she headed home.

Letting her messenger bag slide from her arm, she caught it at the very end by her wrist, the sudden jostle causing her phone to pop out onto the table. The small electronic device caused her chest to tightened as she stared down at it, the condensation of her drink making her hand slick. Closing her eyes, she sighed heavily as she finally opened them to finish setting her bag on the table. Sitting her bottle and package of fruit snacks down, she finally sat down, her dry fingers wrapping around the alarming device.

"It's been long enough, right?" Her voice was full of uncertainty, but as her thumb slid across the screen she stared at the home screen before pulling up her messages. The lack of new messages normally wouldn't have bothered her, but when she touched a certain conversation she stared at the one sidedness of it, the obvious rejection staring back at her. It had been going on three weeks of radio silence, and while she expected the first week to be quiet, she didn't except complete silence.

Fingers hovered over the keyboard, a heavy load of questions running through her mind as her eyes started to blur the screen. Her vision continued to distort as she just sat there, the world still spinning around her as she wondered what she had done wrong to deserve this. She had only done what he'd asked. She came over with more alcohol and food; it wasn't her fault how things seemed to advance the way the night went on. Maybe she shouldn't have drank. Maybe he would have replied to her if she'd stayed sober and kept her feelings to herself.

Unshed tears burned her eyes, and it wasn't until the faint calling of her name echoed in her head grew louder until the sensation of a hand upon her shoulder caused her to jump, causing her phone to fall from her hands. Quickly she tried to blink the tears away, as she forced a smile on her face in a greeting towards the person who stood beside her.

Focusing her eyes on the figure, she was stunned to find Hana's face beaming down at her. Cheeks flushing, she quickly ran her fingers through her hair before a weak laugh escaped her lips. "H-Hana! haha... hey there... S-sorry, you startled me!" Maybe she hadn't seen how she was sitting. Silently she prayed the tear that were burning her eyes weren't noticed either, hoping that she didn't have to explain why she was on the verge of tears outside of the university. As much as she wanted to talk, she didn't want to explain to someone like Hana how she felt rejected after allowing herself to be used for alcohol and sex. It just didn't feel right.

this is for HANA. it's 715 words. LOLA is wearing this
made by malone at caution 2.0

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